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Updated April 14, 2015 (New Clips)

I’m too damn old to watch the MTV Movie Awards, plus anything worth watching about the show will be on YouTube the next day. Case and point, the new Avengers: Age of Ultron clip featuring the Hulk Buster VS. The Hulk!!! If you have not seen it here is a clip (the better clip I promised). 90 seconds of HELL YEAH!!! As usual Joss Whedon and Robert Downey Jr. add some humor to a very tense and action pack moment.

It was nice to watch clips of the other cast members bowing down to Downey during the ceremony, he is the comeback king.

Marvel being very smart also posted more new clips on their YouTube channel, here featuring a nice moment between Widow and Banner/Hulk and here showing a little tension in the ranks of the Avengers, earlier this afternoon.

I’m not sure of the whole Widow/Hulk possible romance, it feels like her dance card is getting pretty full with her sometimes lover Hawkeye and the possible sexual tension with Rodgers during The Winter Soldier, but the second clip was much more interesting. The other Avengers are turning on Stark for possibly creating Ultron, even though he is denying the ability to have done it, and Stark is throwing out the saving the world card again to remind them he played the martyr. Other than giving us a moment where our heroes start to band together against a common foe, the clip also gives us a glimpse into the events that might be the plot in Captain America: Civil War and is the plot currently taking place in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Where is the line? How far should those with powers and abilities go to protect those without the abilities?

Update: A new clip has gone up with the Avengers confronting Ultron and the Maximoff twins. Got to love Spader’s delivery of the traditional “Let me tell you my evil plan,” and as usual, Whedon turns the line on it head.

Just so the new Avengers movie doesn’t take all the nerdy spotlight, Marvel posted a new trailer for Ant-Man as well. The second trailer takes the time to set up the plot of the movie a bit more, evil cooperate guy wants the inventers stuff so he can dominate blah blah blah… the usual. But we do get to see Paul Rudd showing off that wondrous charm of his and some of the action. With a hero who’s ability is to get really small, some cool looking action sequences are needed.

What do you in the Nerdom think of the new clips for Age of Ultron and the new Ant-Man trailer?

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