“We’re Home”

I felt like a little kid again watching this trailer.

I was leery of the new Star Wars movie, the prequels kinda burned me. They took a great mythology and made it seem boring and lame with bad writing, crappy characters, and Hayden Christensen. Darth Vader started out as such a badass in the originals, then it turns out he was a whiny bitch duped into the dark side by a old man.
I lost the joy Star Wars gave me because I couldn’t unsee the horribleness.

This trailer kinda gave it back. The Mark Hamill voice over (that I thought was originally from Return of the Jedi) gave me chills along with the moment with R2-D2. The action looks great and the new characters look like they could be interesting and we see more of the Millennium Falcon. But then we hear his voice and it actually seems real. Han Solo saying “We’re home” made it feel like I did when watching the originals and I am womanly enough to admit I might have shed a happy tear or two.

What did you guys think? Did you choke up a little at the end? Talk at me in the comments section!

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