Damn, no Wonder Woman in this trailer!

I know I’m behind on the Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer breakdowns. I was out of town visiting friends and seeing Faith No More just kill it at the Warfield in San Francisco.

It is difficult to not compare the DOJ trailer with the Star Wars trailer because of the timing of their release. These are two movies that are very highly anticipated, but they are also movies that fans have been the most leery of. I already went into my high amounts of disappointment in the Star Wars prequels in this posting, but I’m cautious about DOJ because Man of Steel was a bit of a disappointment as well. And the casting of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman didn’t seem like the best choice initially. Casting Affleck felt like the producers were making the same George Clooney mistake they made in Batman and Robin. Yes Clooney is a charming, good looking man and is a big box office draw, but he was lacking in many ways. Affleck is charming and good looking and has earned the good will of audiences with movies like The Town, Argo, and Gone Girl, but does he have that mix of charm and darkness needed to play two characters like Batman and Bruce Wayne?

I will do a post about all of the men who have played Batman soon. Maybe after Ant-Man is out and I don’t feel this frantic need to get thru all of the MCU movies and TV shows.

While the Star Wars trailer was full of bright light and action, DOJ was all dark rain and broody. Obviously by the looks of the Metropolis cityscape, DOJ will be taking place several years after the events of Man of Steel and Superman has had a chance to be the big hero we all know him to be. But judging by the voiceovers, there are many others that are very afraid of what he can do and why he is here. (Side note: I am pretty damn positive two of those voices is Neil deGrasse Tyson and Charlie Rose, which is cool and a little weird at the same time. I am pretty hit or miss when there are real people commenting on fictional events in movies, sometimes it adds to the gravitas of the situation, sometimes it seems like silly self promotion. With Matt Lauer, it’s always silly self promotion and it is not enjoyable.) Anyways, I do like how there are several shots of Superman being all superheroy all over the world and capping those shots off is the statue of him in Metropolis with the words False God spray painted in blood red across the chest. It gives you a sense that even though Superman is doing everything he can to protect the planet he now calls home, there has definitely been some mistakes made, either on his part or some others, that have many people talking about why he is here and why he just won’t leave. The Jesse Eisenberg/Lex Luthor and Holly Hunter voice overs I think sets it up best with the lines “Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us, they come from the sky,” and “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Cliché lines, I know, but they seem fitting for the tone, also both actors deliver them in ways that don’t make them seem cliché.

I’m gonna admit the Jeremey Iron’s voice over gave me chills because that is a man that can really sell a line and the look on Affleck’s face as you are hearing it makes you realize this is not the idealistic, I believe in people Christian Bale Batman, this is bitter, angry, get off my lawn Batman. I think after all the crap Affleck has been put thru, he could do bitter angry really well. Also the line talks about how men become cruel when faced with powerlessness and it could be applied to several of the characters in the movie and somehow that makes the line more ominous. It makes you wonder what kind of lengths this Batman will go to in order to see “justice” done. Seeing Affleck in the Batsuit has softened me a bit to him because so far it looks good, plus the bonus of the electronically altered voice in the Batsuit is a big improvement over the gravelly whisper voice Bale used.

Overall, I feel a bit more anticipation building up to go see the movie, but there is still a reserve of caution left. Maybe the next trailer will knock that out, or make it more so.

What did you all in the Nerdom think of the new DOJ trailer? Were you disappointed it was leaked early and didn’t get to see it for the first time on a big screen? Or were you just ready to see it and start judging/geeking out?

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