All I want to know is if the Apollo Theater was spared

Because letting Abomination and the Hulk destroy a landmark as badass as the Apollo Theater would have been way too sad.

Movie: The Incredible Hulk
Released: June 13, 2008
Director: Louis Leterrier
Writers: Zak Penn (Officially) & Edward Norton (Since when does he not re-write a movie he is in)
Stars: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, & William Hurt

I’m going to admit the only reason I went and saw The Incredible Hulk in theaters was because the whole Avengers Initiative sounded cool and I wanted to see where this movie was going to take it. I didn’t like the 2003 Hulk much, mostly because everyone seemed so damn angry. I understand it was a movie about a man with serious anger management issues, but did everyone else have to have them too? The whole cast was going to hulk-out at any moment, just add some gamma rays. I did enjoy the way Ang Lee and Frederick Elmes shot the movie.

The Incredible Hulk was enjoyable for the same reasons as Iron Man, it got to the point quickly. Everyone knows who The Hulk is, we all have heard of the TV show staring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno and even if you haven’t, it is referenced in many other TV shows and movies. The movie didn’t need to waste too much time with the set up, so they did a “Last time on the Incredible Hulk” montage in the opening credits for those who lived under a rock their whole lives and needed a quick catch up. 23 minutes into the movie, we get The Hulk and a big fight. Leterrier, Penn, and Norton knew we wanted to get to the story and the smashing already and a long setup was not necessary.

They also did a good job revamping a character into a universe finding its legs and pushing the mythos of it a little further. I was irked by Liv Tyler, her breathless baby voice and lack of moxie made her a disappointing female lead. Her only good moment was when she went crazy on the cab driver. Watching this movie made me a little anxious about how all the women were going to be in these movies cause so far the female leads, not so great. Oh well, back to the movie itself. In the end when Hulk was able to stop himself from tearing everything apart after the big battle was done, it felt like a moment when this character could be used for something good. If he was going to join the Avengers and not be a target for them, then the character needed that moment for everyone to see.

Again the whole set up for an Avengers movie was not until after the movie was over, but there was Stark tech all throughout the movie and it kept bringing you back to Iron Man and there was the brief mention of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m gonna say that Stark walking in the bar talking to Ross had me a little confused. Does Nick Fury have Stark recruiting for the Avengers Initiative? Why would they want to recruit a guy who has been channeling his inner Ahab hunting a guy with superpowers just so he could dissect him and find what makes him tick? Wouldn’t Ross just attempt to do that with anyone else with powers the Avengers Initiative tries to recruit? Was this whole scene shot just so they could justify a Stark cameo and drop the Avengers Initiative? Could someone explain this to me?

I need a moment to geek out on Tim Roth and the possible shout out to Reservoir Dogs. I know Banner using Mr. Green as an alias was an obvious reference to the color of The Hulk, but was his contact called Mr. Blue as a reference to Reservoir Dogs? And of course when Roth looks into the mirror after recovering from a Hulk beat down, I just kept thinking he would do this.

Did any of you catch the references to the TV show. Banner watching a TV show staring Bill Bixby was one of the more creative cameos considering Bixby had passed away in 1993. Lou Ferrigno as the guard was obvious, but fun. Did any of you catch hint of the David Banner is sad and hitch hiking theme while Bruce Banner is hitch hiking through Mexico? The purple pants?

Talk to me in the comments section. Next up, Iron Man 2. Till next time!

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