10 thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E01 “The Western Book of the Dead”


  1. Using “Nevermind” by Leonard Cohen makes the new season feel like a slick 70’s crime drama where as “Far From any Road” by The Handsome Family made season one feel unnerving (especially in the later episodes), but I love Lenny Cohen and that is a great song. Considering the show overall feels very 70’s crime drama esc throughout, the song feels like a good fit for the opening titles.

  2. Still not sure about Justin Lin directing, but I am willing to give him some leeway purely on the love I still have for the Community episodes he directed.

  3. When Velcoro (Colin Farrell) was talking to the woman in the beginning, I thought the show was going to recycle the same premise from last season with reliving the start of the mystery thru interviews. I like the fake out! Also this is a nice way of quickly showing us the start of the relationship between Velcoro and criminal overlord Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn).

  4. The hair piece Farrell is wearing in the flashback scene is distracting, but I so happy to see Vince Vaughn do more than play Vince Vaughn. Stretch those acting chops, Vince, stretch ’em.

  5. When in the hell is Vinci supposed to be? I looks like it is just outside of downtown LA, but that does not seem plausible. I know it is fictional, but still.

  6. What the what with the “Black Mountain… We were working for America”? And does Taylor Kitsch think squinting really hard translates to intensity? He just looks like he is trying not to fart.

  7. Is the storyline about the missing Hispanic woman going to be a part of the storyline overall or was this another plot device used to fully introduce us to Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) and her f***ed up relationship with her family.

  8. How does Velcoro get away with beating the crap out of two people?

  9. Being from Dallas, I (unfortunately) get saturated with various “news” stories about the Cowboys (I’m not a fan of the NFL, more of an NHL kinda girl) and their crazy owner Jerry Jones. Some of those stories make national news, a lot don’t. But because of very interesting ESPN article and several local stories that followed, I cannot see a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue and not think of Jerry.

  10. First the eagle head, and the weird occult looking stuff in the house, then the burned out eyes. What in the hell was this councilman up to? Nick Cave’s “All the Gold in California” was a nice way of rounding out the creepiness of the murder.

Just a quick side note, I was stationed in Point Mugu, CA (the area where the councilman was found). So, YAY A SHOUT OUT TO MY OLD HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!!!

All in all, I liked the start of the new season. There is a lot of plot set up in this one, but it would be nice to see how the show stretches it legs a little and try to prove it was not just lightning in a bottle. I hope to see more of James Frain, David Morse, and Kelly Reilly in the coming episodes cause those guys just make things better.

What did you think of the premier of Season 2? Do you like the new opening song? I definitely think things are NOT going to end well for Velcoro, do you guys agree? Your thoughts on Taylor Kitsch and his acting? Is Black Mountain supposed to be like a Black Water type thing? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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