10 Thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E02 “Night Finds You”


Holy crap that was one hell of an ending, but before we get to that…

  1. Frank’s opening monologue about being trapped in the basement and the transition from the water stains in the ceiling to the missing eyes of Councilman Casper made me feel creeped out and uneasy. Yes, Frank you need to wake up and not talk about rats nibbling on your fingers anymore.

  2. Agh!!! The pelvic wound!! Good God why did they have to show that.

  3. CREEPY INCEST ALERT! Does anyone else get that vibe off of Paul’s mom? And the sore on her lip? HBO is trying to gross me out.

  4. Ani calls the “Good People” a hippy commune her father ran and she grew up in, but I really wonder if it was more of a cult type thing. That is the feeling I get from her and the conversation she had with her father in the first episode.

  5. The whole land deal Casper and Frank have going one is still a little confusing to me. So Frank gave some money to Casper to buy some land or property for the rail Frank gives a presentation about in the first episode and somehow Casper doesn’t buy the land and now Frank doesn’t have what he needs for the rail. Do I have all that right? Are we meant to understand the whole thing or is it a MacGuffin type thing that is meant to move the plot along?

  6. I love the conversation Ray and Ani have in the car. I feel the same way she does about women being at a disadvantage size wise. I’m kinda lucky in that I am taller than most women and I am not built to be some skinny, willowy thing, but most men are still bigger than me. I usually have a small knife or two on me, but not so much for self-defense, more like they are useful. I get her logic and I am all about conceal carry for women. Ray’s comment about having body issues allowing him to relate to feminism had me laughing pretty hard. Also we get to hear the tag line for the season in the conversation!

  7. I think Casper had a lot of stuff on a lot of people which is why there are several police institutions looking into his death, but not creating this huge task force to investigate.

  8. I have a theory that Paul is gay. His comment on almost clocking the possible gay guy at the bank that may or may not have hit on him. Then he is checking out the tranies on Holywood Blvd (at least that is where I think he is). The seemingly lack of a sex drive (though that might have to do with his obvious PTSD and the trauma from whatever “Black Mountain Security” is). I think he is gay and super ashamed and this will cause some major explosions from him later especially after the comment his lady threw at him as he is leaving about him being not right.

  9. What happened to that poor waitresses face in the bar Frank and Ray meet at? Is that a story or is that just shock value?

  10. I so did not expect that ending!!! There is no way in hell Ray survives a gunshot blast to the chest point blank. I mean the name of the song in the closing credits is “What a Way to Go” by John Paul White. And how freaking creepy is the crow mask? Ray dying just made the show so much more interesting! No one is safe!

What did you guys think of “Night Will Find You”? Do you think Ray is dead? Did I not call this whole thing not ending well for Ray or what?!? I just didn’t expect it to happen in episode 2. Do you guys agree with my theory on Paul? Was Ani in a cult? Hit me up in the comments section.

Till next time. Vaya con dios, Ray.

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