Please stop destroying our favorite franchises with PG-13 crap!

As soon as I saw the whole “This Film is Not Yet Rated” tag at the end of the first TV preview of Terminator Genisys, I knew this movie was not going to be good. “This Film is Not Yet Rated” is code for the movie was initially rated R and the studio balked and decided that there is no money in rated R action movies, so they are massacring this movie so it can get a PG-13 rating. I hate when studios take movies or franchises that were R and turn them into PG-13. More often than not, parts of the plot line are removed, making the story a bit convoluted, and the best action sequences are cut or chopped up, and are made bloodless. Who in the hell gets shot and there is no blood?!?

I’m not going to go over the history of PG-13. If you want to know, there are some great YouTube videos that explain it better than I can (and they go on the same rant I am about to here). I am going to say thank you Steven Spielberg for helping to create this mess.

Okay, so maybe blaming him is not right. He was trying to create an in between for PG and R, which was severely needed at the time. I blame studios for thinking that just because a movie is PG-13, it will do better in the box office. The Terminator Franchise is the best example of how the studios are fucking movies up.

The Terminator was a small budget film that managed to become a big sleeper hit and helped to boost Arnold Schwarzenegger as the go to action star for the 80’s. It was rated R for good reason. The movie was violent and full of sex, very much a movie made for grownups. Terminator 2: Judgement Day was a massive success and like its predecessor, full of violence (not so much with the sex) and lots of horrible language. It was made for adults who enjoy that kinda thing. Frankly the whole of the movie franchise should have stopped there. James Cameron told the story he wanted to tell and the movies would live on as great action flicks. I blame Warner Bros. for buying the franchise rights from the failing TriStar studios and thinking there was more to tell.

Terminator: Rise of the Machines was not a great movie, but it was okay, the story was a bit convoluted. It proposed the idea that no matter what, the machines rise up and try to destroy humanity and John Connor always finds a way to defeat them. So the machines keep sending Terminators back to try and kill those who help Connor in the future in hopes that this is the solution they need in order to win. It was rated R. The movie was not given the best reviews, but it was not slaughtered by critics either. Word of mouth was in general was that the movie was okay, but a far cry from T2, so the movie didn’t make its $200 million budget back.

This should have been the end of the series, but no. For some reason (read: lack of creativity or original thought) the studio kept going back to the pretty dry well. Terminator Salvation, like T3, was an okay movie that had some possibilities if only the script and director would have been better. The biggest mistake (other than the ending being leaked) was trying to make the movie PG-13 by cutting some action sequences and language. I don’t think the movie would have been a whole lot better, but at least it would have been edgier. The studio was hoping that the movie would be able to reach a new younger audience, but really what they did was alienate the current audience. People didn’t want to see a gentler and more cerebral Terminator movie, they wanted action, blood, and violence. The proof is in the numbers:

Terminator Box Office

Now they are making Terminator Genisys PG-13 thinking that this is the one that will bring in the newer younger audience. These people are morons. The movie stars Emilia Clarke as Sara Connor. Clarke stars in HBO’s Game of Thrones which is a big hit adults well over the age of 17 watch, so the younger generation really has no idea who she is. Kids today only know Schwarzenegger as the former Governor of California and not really as the action star he used to be. Does the younger generation know who in the hell Jason Clarke is? Nope. I’m in my mid 30’s and I kinda know who he is but mostly because he is in a lot of different shows as that guy in that part. The only draw this movie has that could appeal to the young masses would be Jai Courtney and I really don’t think he is a big box office draw by himself.

So who in the hell is this movie made for? Not for me! I don’t want to see a neutered Terminator movie. Do any of you? Please let me know in the comments section if you want to see a watered down Terminator and why you think it might be good cause I really want to know. I promise I will not make fun of or belittle your opinions.

I am not going to go see Terminator Genisys and to those who love the original franchise or just love movies in general, I beg you not to go and see this movie either. Go see Jurassic Park again (support a movie franchise that was meant to always be PG-13) or go see Ted 2 and keep your fingers crossed Universal doesn’t try and make Ted 3 PG-13. I hear awesome things about Inside Out. I’m probably going to skip Magic Mike XXL (mostly because sitting in a theater with a group of middle aged women whooping and hollering at a movie screen is kinda awkward), but if it’s you thing, go have at it. Just please join me in not supporting this horrible trend of sterilizing movies for the sake of a buck.

Stay strong my nerdy friends!

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