10 Thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E03 “Maybe Tomorrow”


  1. “Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Conway Twitty.” You would think that since I watch an embarrassingly amount of Family Guy I would have recognized that the singer was supposed to be a Twitty impersonator, but I sat thru most of the scene thinking it was a really bad Elvis impersonator.  Just so we are all clear, Bette Midler sang it first than Twitty came out with a cover four years later.
  1. This season has had some of my favorite people in Hollywood! First James Frain, David Morse, and Kelly Reilly, now we have Fred Ward!  And he is playing Ray’s dad!  Let’s hope we get to see more of him.  The dream sequence was… interesting.  The way his father told Ray he was in the weird place first feels like it is one hell of a wakeup call for him and his vice filled ways.
  1. I love that Ray refers to Ani as “Zena.” And why does everyone give her shit about the e-cig?
  1. “Riot shells. Like what cops use.”  Hmmm… possible theory percolating.  I am a little disappointed that Ray lived only because his character’s death would have had really interesting implications on how this season was going to go, but for the most part I’m happy to see our favorite crooked cop still kickin’.
  1. Who in the hell is Catalyst and why do they own everything?
  1. I really want to punch that asshole mayor in the face. Like really hard!  I understand that two cops just went to his house to question his family, but a) they were following up on a lead and b) he is supper corrupt and being investigated.  Of course cops are going to come to his house and question his family.
  1. Paul totally had an affair with his buddy and that is why he does not talk about his time in the desert.
  1. Who is this Stan guy and why is he getting the eye melting treatment? Is this a warning to Frank about his dealings with Casper?   Did Stan get to close to the truth when shaking people down for money for Frank?  Is Stan a part of the same freaky sex club Casper was a part of?  So many questions to a non-character death.
  1. How did Ani not see or hear that the truck was coming down the road?!? It is a big and loud truck!  That was a really dumb plot device used to allow the mystery car arsonist to get away.  Ten bucks say it was the son of the asshole mayor.
  1. After watching the episode, I was very confused as to what in the hell just happened. I need to watch the episode again.  (55 minutes later)  Nope still confused.

What did you think of “Maybe Tomorrow” and its meandering plots?  Did you follow all the happenings?  Do you guys know who Stan is (or was)?  I will say thank you to the director/producers for pulling those obnoxious teeth out of dudes head, but not showing us the teeth pulling.  The groin shot in last week’s episode was more than enough of a gross out for the season.

Till next time fellow dwellers in the Nerdom!

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