“Okay the red wig is freaking me out” and other revelations I had while watching the “DOJ” trailer

Yesterday at SDCC the second full trailer for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice dropped along with a trailer for Suicide Squad.  There are pirated versions of the latter movie’s trailer on the internet and I did watch, but I want to save that for when it officially drops (the footage I saw had a lot of people screaming with joy so parts of it were really hard to hear). UPDATE: Suicide Squad trailer has been officially released  The movie looks like the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and there is so much brewing animosity between our two main heroes, I’m not sure they are going to move past it long enough to form The Justice League (coming in 2017!), but that is what makes the flick a bit more interesting.

I had many thoughts running through my head while watching like:

  • The Illegal Alien signs are a little too on the nose considering the current political climate, but this was filmed B.T.C. (Before Trump Comments) so it is a little funny.
  • Is the senate hearing about what happened in the battle with Zod, or did some other major catastrophe happen? I think some other major catastrophe happened, but there is a big possibility this is about the decimation of Metropolis.
  • Speaking of Metropolis falling, we see in the trailer that Bruce Wayne was there during the big battle and his tower was one of the many casualties in the big fight.
  • If the burned out mansion is Wayne Manor, then that must have been one hell of a party.
  • The newspaper clipping is rumored to be from Joker which means that he knows exactly who Batman is. Also only “Dozens killed” in a major tower collapse like that one?  Really?
  • I love that Martha tells Clark that he should be all or nothing to these people, but in the end he owes the world nothing. I think that is good advice for every superhero.
  • Seriously the red wig is weirds me out. It makes Lex Luthor look like an evil Raggedy Andy doll.
  • Why is Superman kneeling to Luthor? Does he have Kryptonite?
  • A dead Zod?!?!? Are we getting a Doomsday plot line here?  Cause that would be awesome!
  • So during the Suicide Squad trailer, the introduction of Joker was a scene of him telling someone (who was off camera) that he is not going to kill him, just hurt him really, really bad. Now there are many rumors that the person he is talking to is Robin (not sure if it is Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake).  When the suit with the words “HAHA Jokes on you Batman” is shown and it could be Robin’s, this is also supposedly a reference to that moment in Suicide Squad and tells us that Joker went ahead and killed Robin so there is that nice bit of intrigue.
  • UPDATED: In the Suicide Squad trailer it is revealed that Joker is most likely torturing Dr. Harleen F. Quinzel aka Harley Quinn and not which ever Robin we assume may have been killed

  • When Batman turns on the bat-signal and we see him waiting for Superman to show (this was a teaser released a few months ago), all I can think about is HISHE’s take on that teaser moment.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne!!!!!!! So many nerdy happies!!!  He is like American Express, can’t make a movie without him. (He is not listed as cast for DOJ, but come one, we know who he is playing just on that teaser moment alone)
  • I had reserved judgement of Gal Gadot in the past (and kinda sorta defended her casting) as Wonder Woman because I really liked her and her character in the Fast & Furious movies. When I saw the photos of her in costume, my judgeyness was starting to come out.  She looked a bit small for the character.  But I was holding out hope that she looked small because of photo shopping.  Now, seeing her in the trailer and fighting, I feel like my judgey self was right in thinking she is way too thin for Wonder Woman.  Hopefully a good badass attitude will save her.
  • The Kryptonite shot!
  • I have a distinct feeling Luthor is putting Batman against Superman in order to get some of Superman’s DNA so he can create Doomsday. Just a theory.
  • “The red capes are coming” line is kinda okay, but I just want to lay down some quick American history on you guys for a second. Paul Revere and the others that rode with him did not yell “The red coats are coming,” or “The British are coming!”  They actually whispered “The regulars are coming out” to those who were gearing up to fight.  They were attempting to be stealthy so of course they were not yelling, plus the colonists were still considered to be British so calling the others the regulars was a way of avoiding confusion.  Now you guys can say you learned something today.

What did you guys think of the new Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer?  Do you think I am right in thinking Wonder Woman is way too thin to be a badass?  Which incarnation of Robin do you guys think is possibly being referenced?  Are you hoping for Doomsday too?  Hopefully the Suicide Trailer officially drops soon.

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