The many thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E04 “Down Will Come”


I have a lot more than just 10 thoughts for this episode.

  1. The Leonard Cohen title song is starting to make more sense now. The song is about a man taking revenge on someone who betrayed him and wearing the disguise of the person he was before the betrayal. The opening song is about Frank, he is returning to the gangster he was before Casper’s death threw his legitimate business dealing sideways. The song is also about Ray now. He took his revenge and now he is wearing the disguise of the cop/person he was trying to be before.

  2. Why is Jordan pushing for a baby so bad now? They are broke and Frank is spiraling out of control. Why bring a child into that kind of financial and emotional turbulence? Why do people think babies fix things? What surgery did Jordan have that might have made her infertile?

  3. DRUNKEN GAY HOOKUP ALERT!! Poor Paul is going to spiral over this one. I wonder why he has such an issue with being gay. He does not seem religious and most people in the military and police are accepting of those who are gay. Maybe due to his crazy incestuous mom?

  4. Why does the press care about him and the accusations of some actress? Is she that famous? Or is it due to his involvement in “Black Mountain?” Did someone tip off the press he was staying at that hotel?

  5. I wonder if Ray warning Ani about the investigation by the state into the city of Vinci is nothing more than a shakedown and they will be used as fodder is his way of being nice or faking her out into not saying anything that she sees to her superiors.

  6. So we got Ani and Ray in the car talking and driving, then we got Ani and Paul talking and driving, now we finally have Ray and Paul talking and driving. The circle is now complete. I think Ray told Paul what he kinda needed to hear. Who in the hell knows how to exist in this world? We just gotta do what we gotta do.

  7. Is the daughter of the mayor of Vinci (according to IMDB her name is Betty Chessani) smoking a hookah or a bong in front of the police?

  8. The whole “I’m only doing this so I have enough money for school” mantra Athena (Ani’s porn doing sister from episode one) spouts is the same one many strippers usually use along with “I’m going to quit as soon as I have enough.” Also, she has so gone to some of the parties that we know Casper has been to, her face was just a little too innocent looking when she mentioned them.

  9. Did Pizzolatto think “Man, I don’t have enough plot going on for Paul, lets add a pregnancy and marriage on top of the pile of sex scandal, PTSD, closeted gay, hating he is gay, creepy incestuous mom, and Black Mountain,” cause man, that is a lot going on for one character.

  10. So we find out that the psychiatrist, Dr. Irving Pitlor, (played by an unrecognizable Rick Springfield back in episode 2) that treated Casper and his sex addiction also treated Betty’s mom for some unknown reason and she hung herself while in his care. But we also find out that while Ani was a kid and a part of the “hippy commune” her father, Eliot, ran and Pitlor “studied,” that our favorite mayor of Vinci was also at the commune with his father who had a lodge there. And Casper attended some lectures at Eliot’s spa or whatever it is he currently runs. Interesting… I need some time to process a possible theory here. Did Ani’s mom die while at that commune?

  11. A green aura usually means that the person has a healthy connection with nature and represents growth and balance, a movement towards change. A black aura usually means the person pulls in light and consumes (or transforms) it. When the black manifests mostly in certain areas of the body (lungs or head) it means there are looming health problems for that area. I can definitely see Ray having a black aura, especially over his lungs or liver.

  12. So Casper was looking at land that is completely useless to build this rail line on I guess?

  13. Franks whole plot line takes up a lot of time on the show, and I get the basics so far, but I’m still a bit confused. Frank gives Casper lots of money to buy into some land or rail development thing, Casper dies and it is revealed that he didn’t put Franks name or money in with whatever that was, Frank is looking for his money, but his is also taking back all of his old and shady business dealings to raise more money. Is that it? It feels like there is more going on here and I don’t see it? Anyone want to help to explain? Also Frank said, “Don’t do anything out of hunger. Even eating.” Well he may need to amend that to, “Don’t do anything out of hunger, unless it is out of so much desperation you face gets stuck with everlasting crazy eyes.” What is his deal with Blake Churchman? Does Frank think that he has something to do the run of bad luck lately?

  14. So are the charges filled on Ani by her asshole of an ex-boyfriend just a bitch move by the whiney ex, or are they brought about by Mayor Chessani as revenge for going to his house? Was Ray right in warning Ani? More plot to a plot filled season!

  15. Quick comment about Stan by Frank so we don’t forget that there are two corpses.

  16. Hey, look Ray pulled a Batman on his son.

  17. The mayor telling everyone to be careful felt a little off, like a warning.

  18. Thru actual detective work, our guys found a possible lead and go to bring him in. They did the smart cop thing and had multiple officers there as a just in case, but in the end nothing short of a SWAT team would have sufficed. The bullets started flying pretty quick and then the top floor of the building randomly explodes. The protesters and the extra officers were just there to be fodder for the blunderbuss. RIP Detective Dixon, you were a drunken jerk, but you didn’t deserve a bullet to the head. In the end, only our heroes survive the shootout looking terrified, except for Paul, he looked like this was a normal day for him.

  19. The shootout was intense and gave the show a bit of momentum going forward, but lets face facts, the shootouts during season one in episodes four and five were shot with such grand intensity that even though you knew for a fact Cohle and Hart are going to live, you still felt that dread in the pit of your stomach for their safety.

  20. I like this season, it has an interesting main plot and I think Farrell, McAdams, Kitsch, and the rest of the side cast are knocking it out of the park. Vaughn is doing well. But this season is missing that something Cary Fukunaga’s direction brought to the first. Hell, the last couple of episodes have been lacking in what Justin Lin brought to the first two. Here is hoping the other directors can find it again in the next four.

What did y’all think of this episode? Are you going to miss poor Detective Dixon? How big do you think the fallout from the shootout is going to be? Any theories on how Ani’s father fits into the whole conspiracy?

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