So Many Thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E05 “Other Lives”


SINGING Let’s do the time warp again!

This week’s episode only took us a couple of months into the future, but much has changed for our front foursome and not for the better.  I actually went back and re-watched the first four episodes finishing up just as the fifth was about to start.  Some of my thoughts will include some revelations after re-listening to some conversations and seeing some things I had missed on the first go round.  Again, I couldn’t contain my thoughts to just 10.

  1. There are new verses used in the opening credits. The lines about leaving the life behind, digging graves no one would find, living amongst people disguised as the person they were before have been removed and lines about indifference masking as love and fate and holding on to material things are now being used.  I think the show and the opening song are more and more about Frank, his dealings and actions started toppling the dominos.
  1. Ray was right in warning Ani the state investigation was nothing more than a shakedown and now the Attorney General has the money to run for Governor and our three lovable investigators have been shuffled under.
  1. During the mini-marathon I finally saw Dixon taking photos of Paul when he was talking with his very good friend from his time with Black Mountain. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, it was pretty obvious, but for some reason my brain had no context and the moment was not committed to memory. Lt. James Frain (I know he has a character name, but who cares, it’s James Frain) tells Ray there are photos Dixon had and that he may have been doing some work on the side.  We later know he was looking for the blue diamonds before the rest of the crew even knew about them, and I am wondering if Dixon was doing some work on the side for Catalyst.  He would have been following all three of them to keep Catalyst apprised of how things were going and find secrets to press them with later if needed.  Just my theory.
  1. That actress bullshit is still going on? I thought that plot was dead already.
  1. About those guys trying to muscle in on Franks “new” club… how does that vato think dressing like a gay cowboy is intimidating? Especially when he is so small and Frank is so big.  He looks like he is on his way to strip at some bachelorette party.  I can’t get over how distracting that is.  I have no idea what was being said but given the dirty looks going on, I’m thinking they will come back.  Maybe they are mad that Frank is not hiring them to strip there anymore?
  1. So now I’m starting to understand a bit more as to what is going on with Frank and the first half of the season. Frank used a waste management company (under a holding company name) to poison some land to make it super cheap, sold the company, and used that money (along with other money) to buy into the land and be a part of a big deal to develop another shopping mall looking area.  Accept Casper didn’t use the money Frank gave him to buy into the land, or at least didn’t put Franks name into the deal.  Now the guy Frank sold the waste plant to dies in a “drunk driving accident” and the plant is now closed since it has served its purpose.  Is Frank worried he will go the way of the waste plant manager?  Is that why he feels the need to ask him about it and the other guy looking at the gaming room?
  1. Paul’s mother deserves the mother of the year award. I’m sure he waited to tell her about the baby after four months so she couldn’t demand he have his baby momma get rid of it.  He obviously has issues with being gay because she has made him feel as if he was wrong for being so.  And then helping herself to money he was obviously hiding from her thinking she was entitled to it.  But to be fair, why would he think hiding money in the trailer of his drunken, out of work mother was a good idea?  Now poor Paul has to drink heavily to remember he loves his sweet and severely naïve fiancé and wants the baby.
  1. So the son of the Vinci mayor (Tony is his name, but really who cares), the “psychologist” made of plastic, Frank’s right hand Rodger Moore wannabe, and the Russian investor from the first episode (somehow that sounds like the start of a joke) are all working together to run girls behind Frank’s back. Ray later gets the incredible plastic man to confess to him they are suppling girls to the same types of parties Casper would attend and Casper and they mayor’s son would collect info to blackmail some powerful people. Did Stan catch on and that is why he is dead? Or was he working with and he was killed off for blackmailing the wrong people? Do you guys remember Stan?
  1. Ray also gets the doc to confess Betty Chessani’s mother killed herself because the good ol’ Mayor Chessani has traditions she could not handle. I almost missed that entire conversation because I was too distracted by dude spitting out his teeth.  What is with this season and teeth?
  1. After another fight about having a baby then some tea and a movie time on the couch, Frank and Jordan decided that they are in it to win it and they are going to adopt a baby. Feels like a scenario straight out of a bad rom-com.  This storyline bores me and kinda pisses me off because I love Kelly Reilly and I wish she was given more to do.  She is the Michelle Monaghan of this season, she is only there to serve as more plot to a main male character.
  1. Ray and Ani have more sexual tension now. Who would have thought a shootout would create such feelings?  But remember you two, relationships that start under intense circumstance never last.  Poor sweet scared bar tender.  Will she never get some Ray love?
  1. So a secret investigation gets the band back together again. Whatever makes it happen is good for me, I like the three of them together, they have good chemistry.
  1. I KNEW FRANK WAS SETTING RAY UP SOMEHOW! During the mini-marathon I started to make notes about Frank possibly setting Ray with a perp in order to get a cop in his pocket into the Vinci’s sheriff’s office.  I bet the guy set up to Ray was the person Frank took the gaming room from.  Between the shitty security job with Frank, being evicted from his home, losing his kid, and now killing a possibly innocent guy (or at least a guy who did not rape his wife), Ray is going to snap big time and it is going to be something epic.
  1. During the mini-marathon, I started to see Catalysts was coming up a lot more than I realized. They were talked about in the big presentation Frank gave in episode one and the main guy for the company (his name according to IMDB is Jacob) was at the party.  They are also mentioned a lot in funding some other stuff going around the city including cars and movie tax breaks for the late Casper.  Now Catalysts is worried about the videos Casper made (stored on his missing hard drive) and dangle some land in front of Frank to entice him to go and find it.
  1. Ani goes to her sister for help in getting into the parties Athena promised she never went to. I am a bit proud of Athena for not getting stuck in the mantra of “only until I have enough to go to school.”  Someone might actually get a happy ending at the end of all this.
  1. I knew the missing woman from the first episode was going to come back somehow. Turns out she was taking photos while at the hooker parties Casper was also attending. Her sister provides the photos to Ani and gets her back on the case despite her sad position in the evidence locker.  There is at least one state senator makes an appearance in the photos along with the blue diamonds from Casper’s safe deposit box.  Was she working with Casper?  He was making some videos that have some people nervous, was she helping?  The last phone call the missing woman made came from the same area of the “hippy commune” Ani was raised in, the Chessanis’ had a lodge with, and the plastic “psychologist” studied.  When Ani and Paul went to investigate the area of the last phone call, they find a Blair Witch like cabin decorated with blood.  I was seriously expecting for them to walk in there, Ray would be standing in a corner, Ani would start to scream her head off, and then the camera falls and all goes to black.  It was a creepy moment.
  1. Now it is time to start taking bets on who is going to bite it first from our main fab four. My money is on Ray.  He has a nothing-to-lose vibe about him and is taking a bull-in-the-china-shop approach to the investigation.  He is not destined to last.  I have a theory that the dream sequence Ray has after being shot was Pizzolatto’s way of telling us how Ray is going to die.  His father tells him, “Running through the trees, they are like giants… Men are chasing you… You step out from the trees… They kill you… They shoot you to pieces.”  His father tells Ray that he was “here first” as in he dies before his father.

What did you think of last nights episode?  Are you reinvigorated anew with the turn of events?  Any theories about the missing woman or Dixon?  Let me know in the comments section.

Till next time!

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