The Incredible Credits

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Installment 2: The Incredible Hulk
2008 Directed by Louis Leterrier

To borrow an adjective coined by the great Charles Barkley, this movie was “turrrble”. And I don’t think even Shaq would argue with him.

Seriously. I’m tempted to skip right to my cigar critique and forego saying anything else about this 112 minute disappointment. But, I vowed to elaborate on one thing for each of these MCU installments, so I will stay true to form and do just that. So…

The One Thing: The opening credits. No really, I mean it. I’m not just doing a bit. I’m big on a great opening credit sequence, as this one was really captivating. Too bad that it would turn out to be the last good thing on the screen. I stated a minute ago that this movie was a disappointment, and that’s exactly what this great opening credit sequence set it up to be for me. I was a fan of the Bill Bixby TV series as a kid, and I’m a huge Edward Norton fan. Probably even more so than of Robert Downey Jr, whom I praised heavily in my previous entry on Iron Man. From his gangly beaten-up leader of Fight Club, to his epic devil/messiah tour-de-force in American History X, to his recent hyper-ego weird-out in Birdman, I’m always excited to see what Norton can bring to a performance. Especially when it’s a role you might not think of him to be an obvious choice for – such as The Hulk. So I was certainly curious going in, about not only how the movie as a whole would turn out, but mainly how Norton be. And as I’m watching the opening credits, I’m thinking “OK, here we go, this is going to be refreshingly awesome…” The whole backstory of how Banner becomes the hulk is summarized in a jittered montage with a style that would make Trent Reznor proud. Forget wasting the first 30 minutes of the film (and our lives) recounting a history even the least familiar of fans know for the most part, and just remind us of its key images in a kind scattered dream remembered in static-laced flashbacks that kickstart the movie nicely. But how many trailers have we all seen that knocked our socks off, only to be completely let down a few months later when the actual film turns out to be dud. I suppose anything can be made to look awesome for 2 or 3 minutes, but the longer the timeline, the more difficult the challenge…

Sorry, Hulk, maybe next time. On to Iron Man II.

Just Blowing Smoke: The Perez Carrillo La Historia. Unlike this week’s movie, this work of art lives up to its superb first impressions. We’ve all bought and smoked a stick based purely on how cool the band looks, or how well they are presented in the box, or just the cool sounding name. This is probably how some of us even discovered some of our favorite smokes. But the new Perez Carrillo La Historia is not only one of the best looking, well-presented cigar I’ve seen in a long time, it’s also one of the best tasting and quality burning. I’m usually not a fan of the darker wrapper cigars, for both reasons of taste and strength, but this one is a huge exception. Slightly above average price, it’s worth every penny. I won’t get into trying to describe the evolving tastes; I absolutely hate that part of cigar reviews. I don’t care if you think it tastes like fucking almonds with a touch of Turkish coffee thrown in. I know we need adjectives and hyperbole to describe things and convince others, but in this forum I’m just going to say this is a damn good smoke, and if the cool band doesn’t convince you to try it then maybe my expletives will.

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