10 Thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E06 “Church in Ruins”


Right quick before we get to the main thoughts I had, I just want to send out a quick plea to Nic Pizzolatto (cause we all know he will read this posting).

Please, please, please Nic, hire a female writer to help you out next season (and pretty much every season after).  You are super terrible at writing female characters and it is really becoming an issue for the show overall.  Thank you in advance.

Your friend and fan of the show,

-The Nerdling

Now let’s get to it.  And were there new lyrics again in the opening sequence?

  1. When Ray tells Frank that he takes his coffee black, in my head I followed that up with “like my soul.” And seriously, that is the tensest cup of coffee I have ever seen.  Like Ray, I genuinely believe Frank when he says that he didn’t know he was setting Ray up with the wrong guy and Ray was one only guys he considers a friend.   It was a nice little bromance moment.
  1. I initially thought the blood in the Blair Witch shack belonged to the poor missing girl Ani has been kinda investigating since episode one, but of course we find out later she is still alive and probably wishing she was already dead. So whose blood is in the horror shack?
  1. Ray going to face his wife’s rapist didn’t really work for me. The dialogue and the way it was delivered sounded like something out of a bad spaghetti western.  I had to actively try to not giggle thru the whole scene.
  1. I wish Ani would have smacked Athena every time she said “so I have been told about these parties.” We see thru the act Athena, so please just drop it.
  1. We are acknowledging Stan has died now? He died at least two months ago, are Frank and Jordan just now getting around to consoling his family?
  1. The awkward “father/son” bonding moments with Ray and Frank really bogged down the episode. It is good to know that Friends continues to transcend generations.  The only thing that dates the show is the technology.
  1. Ray’s cocaine and booze binging outburst was a sort of suicide attempt, right? He did break my heart when he called his ex-wife and waived the white flag.  I know he loves his son, but he has to realize the poor boy would most likely be better off with a stable set of parents.  Plus it was the goodbye moment he gets before he inevitably dies on the show.
  1. Those two little kids that were witness to the jewelry store robbery where the blue diamonds came from are totally Mayor Chessani’s kids. I’m calling it now.  He “adopted” them so he could keep them from identifying whoever robbed the store and killed the owners.  I’m also calling the Roger Moore wannabe is one of the guys that robbed the store.
  1. The gay cowboy is back to distract me from what in the hell is going on. Something about the girl working for the cops.  I’m sure it is the departed Dixion’s fault.  Someone get the gay cowboy a stylist!
  1. The whole orgy party was… I wanna say interesting, but I feel like that is not the best way to describe it. It wigged me out and all the old men made that the least sexy orgy in the history of orgies.  Just ew.  But hey, we are at least treated to the laziest character cliché possible with dear ol’ Ani, cause we all know that a woman cannot like sex (or god forbid kinky sex) without the whole thing stemming from some kind of trauma.  Way to have a total hack moment, Pizzolatto.  There was a brief moment of redemption when Ani pulled the cool move with the stolen knife and made good on her claim of any man who lays a hand on her will bleed out in less than a minute.  Someone teach me how to do that!  Between the shooting, the gross orgy party, killing a guy, and the inevitable Ray death at the end of all this, we may lose Ani to the crazies.

What did you guys think of this week’s episode?  Did it feel a little anti-climactic after last week’s setup?  I’m pretty determined that after last season’s strangely happy ending, I’m thinking no one is getting a happy ending.  Ray will die, Ani will go nuttso, Paul will be stuck in a marriage to a woman while longing for his Army buddy, and Frank and Jordan will continue to be super sad club owners.  Let me know what you guys think in the comments section!

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