The many thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E07 “Black Maps & Motel Rooms”

YOU GET THE SPOILERS YOU DESERVE IF YOU READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING LAST NIGHTS EPISODE OF TRUE DETECTIVE.  So go and do that now and come back here, there are way too many things to discuss!!

Again, I can’t contain my thoughts to just ten and most likely I will not be able to do just ten thoughts for the 90 minute season finale next week.  So much to cover!  Let’s get started!

  1. I was wrong about the first death! The first round of drinks at the sad, sad bar with the maudlin singer is on me.  We will toast poor Paul and shake our heads in disappointment that his boyfriend was right.  If he would have been honest with himself and everyone else, then his whole life would probably be way different (read: better).  I should have known James Frain was going to be trouble, but I still love him anyways.  I truly feel for sweet, naive Emily and the baby.
  1. I also did not see the death of Davis coming either! Did any of you!  We all should have known the person who starts it all back up again is going to be one of the casualties.  Rest in peace.
  1. Goodbye Rodger Moore wannabe (I know his name is Chruchman, but I liked that name for him better). You should have never told Frank everything so you would have leverage to keep living, rookie mistake.  How is Frank going to explain that to Ray?  Frank promised he would give up the guy who gave him/Ray the wrong guy.
  1. Frank was going to be screwed from the get. I think the plan with those guys all along was to have Frank do the dirty work of making the land cheap and then making him disappear long before he knew he was not going to get to play.  But then Casper dies and screws up the original plan.  I have a theory on Casper’s death in a bit.
  1. It is sweet how Frank hides nothing from Jordan, and she trusts him enough not to go to question him all at once. She knows he will give her all the answers at some point.  They have probably one of the more functional marriages on TV.
  1. Frank burning it all down was awesome! To hell with all those other guys!  If Frank can’t have it, neither can the Russian/Israeli guy.
  1. So the guy Ani hallucinated while on something that was not MDA (Molly or E or whatever it is called now does not make you hallucinate) was someone passing through the commune Ani grew up on and he took her for four days.   Maybe it is best that she doesn’t remember everything.  Still not happy with this character cliché, but it did give Ani a nice moment with her dad and maybe some closure with him.
  1. Ani: “Thank you again for the help.” Elvis: “Fuck you, Bezzerides.”  Pulls her in for a hug.  That is a truly special kind of goodbye.   I teared up a little. (Not sarcasm)
  1. The drinking scene with Ani and Ray was hot and kinda frustrating at the same time. All I kept thinking was, get it on already, you two are hot for one another and you are already screwed, so go screw each other (classy thoughts I know, but you were having them too).
  1. It was a little weird when I realized that Ray’s hair is longer than Ani’s.
  1. Just when I couldn’t hate the wonderful Mayor of Vinci any more, he goes and tells some random woman that his family is like the Kennedys and then asked her to hum on his balls. Just ugh.  I would have puked on his shoes.
  1. So Casper’s death and they whole mystery is starting to make a bit more sense now. Theory Time!  Casper, Dixon, Holloway (the current police chief of Vinci), and James Frain rob the jewelry store and get lots of money (while killing the owners) so they could buy in with Chessani.  The two kids are left behind as witnesses, but they didn’t know that, or didn’t care cause they couldn’t identify anyone (I no longer think they are Chessani’s kids).  They get to be in Vinci and make lots of money, except for Dixon, he somehow just gets to be a detective.  The land deals start to happen and Casper gets Frank to poison the land.  I don’t think Casper felt like Frank wanted in on everything, or he did, but figured they would kill him.  Either way, Frank was just a pawn to get the land cheap as I stated earlier.
  1. More theories! Tasha (Casper’s favorite girl) starts to take pictures and is attempting to blackmail her way into some money/freedom.  Casper, Holloway, Chessani (and maybe Dixon) decorate the cabin in the woods with her blood, but that is how those guys find out that Casper still has the blue diamonds tying them to the robbery and murder.  They confront Casper about the diamonds, somewhere his assistant can overhear (more on her next) and tell him to get rid of them.  After Casper is killed, the others trash his house to find the diamonds not knowing about his safe deposit box or the house in Hollywood.  Ray is put on the case to keep Ani and Paul from looking to hard into the city of Vinci and Dixon is to look for the diamonds.
  1. Casper’s assistant and the set photographer from the movie set are the kids from the jewelry store. Do you guys remember him from the third episode?  He is just listed in IMDB as “Set Photographer” and was the first one to tell Ani and Ray about the hooker parties Casper was throwing.  I’m just guessing the guy from the movie set, but I’m positive that Casper’s assistant is the little girl.  The person who helped her had to be from the movie set because of the car that drove Casper to the spot he was found at Point Mugu so the set photographer is my best guess.  He looks to be the right age.  The girl hears all about the blue diamonds and remembers them from her parent’s store and sees the photos Tasha took of them.  She gets her brother, they follow Casper to his sex house in Hollywood, kill him, burn out his eyes for some reason I haven’t figured out yet, and then drive his body out to Point Mugu.
  1. Or the two of them have been looking for the people who killed their parents and were able to eventually pick out Casper as one of the guys involved, they just used Tasha as a way of confirming it for them.
  1. The brother was the one who shot Ray at the house in Hollywood back in episode two and he took the hard drive. He and the girl are now looking for ways to kill the others that were involved in the death of their parents.

So many theories and only one 90 minute episode to go!  What did you guy think of ”Black maps and Motel Rooms?”  Did you see the death of Paul coming?  Do any of you have any theories?  If so, post them in the comments section.  I would love to hear them.

Till the next time, let us toast to Paul, Davis, and Rodger Moore-light.

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