Screaming Theories: Who will meet the blade tonight? Updated

We are half-way thru the first season of Scream the TV series and there is a bit of a body count, but we have had two weeks and no kills. I am hope tonight’s episode will rectify that. Who will be the next to meet the Brandon James copy-cat? As the show keeps telling us, anything can happen.

The Currently Dead (Spoilers if you are not caught up on the show):

Nina Patterson – The super mean girl was the first on-screen kill and served as the set up to the series. We hardly knew her, but what little about her that has been revealed, she was not the most likeable person. I’m sure there was a heart in there somewhere, but it had long been covered by foundation and mascara.

Tyler O’Neil – Technically he was the first victim and we managed to learn even less about him other than he grew up in a foster home and had a blackmailing scheme with Nina and the overly friendly lit teacher Mr. Branson (and possibly Riley?).

Rachael Murray – The very sad, sweet Catholic school girl who captured the heart of Audrey was the second known death to the characters (Tyler is thought to be Nina’s killer at this point). She, like many other girls, had many body image issues. Unfortunately hers lead to self-mutilation and other suicidal behaviors allowing for our killer to make her murder look like a suicide. The corner and the police have ruled her death a homicide, but unlike Nina’s death, the killer has yet to claim responsibility publicly. This makes me wonder if her death was personal and not a part of the overall scheme of things or is being used as a way to communicate with the corner, Maggie.

Riley Mara – She was the first victim we really got to know before her death. She was sweet and had a kinda off-beat sense of humor that I loved. Riley was loved by pretty much all of her classmates (Noah especially) and her death rocked all of our characters. But was she as nice as everyone thought she was?

Brook’s mother? – The side mystery of what in the hell Mayor Maddox is being blackmailed for. He is on video moving what looks to be a body into the trunk of his car the day after his wife had supposedly left town. No one has seen or heard from her and the Mayor is claiming she is in rehab which does sound completely plausible and the Mayor is doing something else really shady. The real question is was her death the domino that fell first and started the rest tumbling down? Updated: Brook’s mother is alive and in rehab. The body the Mayor was moving was of a “friend” of his wife who ODed in the house

Predictions as to who is next, ranging from least likely to happen soon most likely happening tonight:

Will Belmont – He betrayed our heroine by making losing her virginity a bet with our favorite dead mean girl Nina. In the teaser for this week’s episode it is made to look as if he is on the floor and in distress. I think it is just a teaser and he is not on the killer’s list for the moment. There is a high chance he will not make it out of the series alive. He was doomed the minute Emma forgave him. RIP Will.

Jake Fitzgerald – He is a manipulative, sadistic jerk trying to take over the blackmailing scheme others have started because of reasons. His character is another that may not make it out of the series alive, but I think he will make it thru this episode. He is on the list for now because of the Mayor freaking out over who is shaking him down for cash and this plotline is not going away just yet.

Sheriff Clark Hudson – His death will most likely come later in the series and would be used to torture Maggie Duvall. There is also the possibility his death will happen because he is a good cop and actually starts to figure out who the killer is. The police are stepping up the interrogations of the students in this next episode.

Maggie Duvall – Parents usually can get caught in the cross fire, but like the sheriff, her death will most likely be saved to the end.

Seth Branson – Usually there is one authority figure who gets the knife, but he hardly seems to be an authority considering he tries to use pop culture references to teach literature. And that whole sleeping with a student thing and hacking web cams of students for Nina. Since all of the killings (with the exception of Rachael) are Emma centric, he seems to be the least likely candidate to get the axe any time soon. If he is killed, it is going to be due to his camera hackings catching the killer in the action and he has to go to protect the secret.

Piper Shay – The little too nice podcaster is a likely candidate to get too close to the truth and meet the killer in person. Again, the kills are for the most part Emma centric, she could be taken out as another way to further isolate her. Still not likely to be the next to go.

Mayor Maddox – He just seems too shady to live, but most likely his death will be because of whatever he is being blackmailed for. The blackmailing story is coming a bit more to a head in tonight’s episode, so it makes sense that his death would be the next one. Not at the hands of our serial killer though, probably at the hands of Will and Jake.

Brook Maddox – She is getting too close to the truth of too many things and at this moment in time, she is one of the few friends Emma has left. They are not on the friendliest of terms at this moment and time, but Emma is too nice to be mad for too long at her. There making up fully would be the heartbreak moment before the death.

Kieran Wilcox – He and Emma broke one of the major slasher movie rules and had sex. He is going to die next.

This is a purely speculation, I could be way off. Who do you think is going to be the next casualty? Let me know in the comments section.

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