The many thoughts I had while watching True Detective S02E08 “Omega Station”


Wow!  Last night’s finale was not lacking in death or action.  Despite the less than stellar outing, this season’s ending was better than what we got with season one.  On with the thoughts.

  1. Ray and Ani’s pillow talk was more like a last confession. These two had been keeping those parts of themselves hidden for so long, and when they both knew they were facing the end, they needed to confess and be absolved.  It was a beautiful moment with the two characters and was really well shot.  I hated the cliché of Ani’s story, but in that scene, McAdams makes it work.  Farrell knocks it out of the park as well.  McAdams and Farrell brought their A game to this season.  Their characters could have come off as schlocky or lazy, but those two really found the heart of them and made you love them despite their flaws.
  1. The Tale of Frank and Jordan meeting at the park in Venezuela was another great moment involving two characters I struggled with this whole season (I laughed a little too hard when she called him out on his bad acting). When two characters get to say good bye and have a sweet moment like theirs, it is a giant red flag of death.  You just know Frank is not going to be there in the white suit and red rose.  Frank and Jordan have one of the more functional marriages in the whole of TV land, but I just couldn’t make it past the convolutedness of their storyline.  At least Jordan/Kelly Reilly went out on a high note.

Quick side note – After the episode was done, I needed to put something less intense on while I figured out what I just witnessed and The Wedding Crashers was on another HBO channel.  I was so lost in the moment of the finale, it took me a while to realize the movie stared both Vince Vaughn and Rachael McAdams.

  1. Poor Paul in the body bag. At least in the end, he got his highway back and the sweet naive Emily might actually get to be with a man who is not closeted.  She deserved better than that.
  1. Speaking of deserving better, Kitsch needs to fire his agent and get a new one. He has an adorkableness to him in interviews and should capitalize that natural charm with a goofy/sweet Apatow comedy.  Or he could stick with TV and go to a show like Mom or Grace & Frankie, shows with a lot of heart and humor.  My point is Kitsch needs to stop picking roles that have him doing not much more than brooding.  He is pretty to look at, but he has more to offer.
  1. My theory on the set photographer was right!! I got one right!!!  (Happy Dance Time)  Well, I got two theories right.  I did predict Ray’s death and how (thanks to the weird dream sequence) I just got that he would die first wrong.
  1. I feel no sympathy for the late Mayor Chessani.
  1. I felt for the poor Laura/Erica and her sad tale, but I just couldn’t get around the fact that her and her brother were an ex-machina like plot device. Casper was having an affair with the wife of the jewelry store owner Caspar helped to rob.  Laura went into the foster system and just happened to eventually run into Tasha, Casper’s favorite girl, who just happens to get her involved in the parties and show her the pictures of the same diamonds that were taken from the jewelry store.  Oh, and Laura is actually Casper’s illegitimate daughter.  It was way too coincidental.  It all came off as Pizzolatto wrote himself into a corner, and instead of retooling the story a bit, he just created a whole new plot device to get him out of it.
  1. Also the set photographer/son of jewelry store owner/Casper’s killer, Leonard, went from overly helpful kid to crazy-twitchy-stabby with no in between. He should have popped up in another episode or two before they went straight to the cracked.
  1. Why is there all this talk about just picking up and running to Venezuela? We all know you guys are not going to go right now so stop wasting time and get to the shootout already!
  1. The maudlin singer and her melancholy songs worked really well throughout the episode. It was haunting and helped to set anxious tone of the finale.  But why is she singing when the bar is not even open yet?  Just a well-timed sound check?
  1. Dr. Pitlor never got to find a woman like Jessie’s girl.
  1. So the henchmen hear the sound of gun fire and can probably sorta see that their fellow henchmen are getting killed as they exit the door, so they think “Hey lets run out and see what is going on.”
  1. I’m just going to skip over the brain fart that is Ray going to see his kid even though that is the first place anyone looking for him would go to track him down.
  1. After all Frank has done to get ahead in the whole plot to take him down, he gets taken out by the gay cowboy and his crew? Okay then.
  1. His walk thru the desert was a great death scene (what is the story with the black guys hustling Frank?) and the shots of the vultures following him were gruesome. His last moment with Jordan in the desert was a beautiful and poignant.  Vaughn’s acting had been sketchy this whole season, but that was a good high note for him to end on.
  1. Even though I saw it coming and predicted it, Ray’s death was gut wrenching. He was one of the more compelling characters from this season and Farrell really outdid himself.  My heart broke when his phone was shown and his last message to his son was lost.  He redeemed himself in his own heart by choosing to be the fall guy for the bad guys in the end which would allow Ani to be safe for a while.
  1. The ending of the series was depressing, but real. People with that type of money and power do not go down and I am glad that Pizzolatto didn’t go with the weirdly happy ending this time.  I do hate that Ani ended up pregnant with Ray’s baby.  That felt like a plotline right out of an old B action movie.  Just ugh.  But the idea that Jordan and Ani would team up to try and take those guys down was awesome.

This season had a lot of hits and misses, but I do look forward to a season three if there is one.  What did you guys think of the finale?  Were you heartbroken over Ray’s death?  Did you think Frank’s death was random?  Were you happy to see Jordan and Ani make it thru?  Do you hope the show gets a season three?  Talk to me in the comments section.

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