Screaming Theories – Who is the Killer(s)? Updated

I was hoping in last week’s episode of Scream we are finally going to get another character death, two weeks in a show about a slasher stalking a town is too long to go without a dead body. Well, we didn’t get a new dead body, but we were left with a pretty good cliffhanger.

Will attempts to prove he is a good guy (eye roll), by giving the blackmail money and the tape to the Mayor (in an creepy abandoned warehouse of all places) and confesses that he was not the only one to do this to him. He brought Sarah Koenig Piper, the crime podcaster, with him so she can see that there is more going with Nina’s death than she realizes. After the hand off with the Mayor is done and he scampers away (or does he?), the two hear something moving around and decide that maybe a creepy warehouse is not the best place to hang out. When they try to leave, the door is locked. They try and find another exit and we see the masked killer stalking them. Will turns around when he sees the killer in a mirror and is slashed across his chest as he knocks Piper down and she hits her head on a rock. The episode ends with the killer dragging Will still alive and struggling body away and Piper holding on to conscientiousness long enough to witness this happening.

This week’s episode will have the Scooby Gang looking to save Will to try and find the killer.

And I would have gotten away with it if it wouldn't have been for those meddling kids!

And I would have gotten away with it if it wouldn’t have been for those meddling kids!

I am most likely off on my prediction about who will die next, but I still have a chance to be right. We will see tonight.

Now I have some theories as to who the killer is. They are ordered from least likely to most likely:

Jake – The tag team of the main heroine’s boyfriend and his best friend was already done in the movie so repeating it in the show would be really bad on the producer’s part. But Jake needs to be on the list because he has crazy-eyes with the sociopathic comments to go with them as well as the whole blackmail scheme going with Will and Tyler (when he was alive). There is a chance the killer could be Jake and is working with someone else. He seems to be having fun doing bad things just because he can, and who better to mess with than the resident nice girl Emma. Maybe he had a big crush on her and he is mad she went for Will over him. Jake has been officially moved to towards the top of the list.

Kieran – He moves to town because his mother wants him to spend more time with his dad and the killings start. He researched the town’s history and learns all about Brandon James. Angry that his dad is no longer with his mom, he starts killing teens and torturing the daughter of his father’s new love. Kieran is also moving towards the top of the list.

Will – Again he needs to be on this list because there is something just way too shady about the guy, he has demonstrated some sociopathic tendencies as well. He could be working with another person (not Jake) and enjoys torturing Emma. Maybe he is somehow related to Brandon James and he is taking his revenge on the whole family for what they did to the Brandon. Or he is about to go off to college and is hoping the whole my-high-school-girlfriend-died-tragically story will get him a lot of play. Will met a gruesome end at the hands of a trip wire and a tractor

Brook – Yes she does have an alibi for the killing of Riley, but this could be a rouse and she has a partner. The killer is all about bringing down Emma and Brook seems to be the one who is constantly tearing Emma’s perfect world down. She told Emma about the time Will slept with Nina when they were on a break and the bet Nina had with Will about taking Emma’s virginity. Brook wants to be the main loved girl and the only thing standing in her way is Emma.

Troy (the brother of Brandon James) – His brother was shot and killed by the police before they questioned him about the killings people assumed he did. I think Troy killed all those kids in the first place to get revenge on them beating up his helpless brother and now he is pissed that Maggie lead Brandon into a trap and got him killed. We now know that Maggie was not working with the police when she called to meet Brandon, it was her parents that saw her leaving and called the police. Troy does not know that though and he wants to make the whole family suffer for taking his brother’s life. It doesn’t seem wise at this point for the killer to be a character we have yet to meet, but there is a chance we have met him already…

Mr. Branson – He started off as super shady because what kind of grown man participates in an affair with a student in this day and age? He is sleeping with Brook to get closer to her and her friends because he is Troy with a new face. Noah points out that Seth Branson did not exist a few years ago and he has the malware that allows him to see into any of the students computers. Troy gets some good plastic surgery and changes his name, fakes a teaching certificate, and gets a job at the high school where it all started. Even if he is none of these things, the really good looking teacher that is trying too hard with the students is never to be trusted.

Just look into my beautiful broody eyes and ignore the knife in my hand.

Just look into my beautiful broody eyes and ignore the knife in my hand.

Audrey – That video Emma steals for her does reveal that Audrey knew pretty quickly who was responsible for posting the video of her making out with Rachael and she was all about the revenge. Audrey claims that after the video ends, Rachael grabs her keys and throws them out of the window, thus keeping her from confronting Nina on the night she was killed. But how do we know for sure she was telling the truth? Rachael and Audrey could have decided together they were going to kill Nina and Tyler. Then Audrey kills Rachael to keep her from confessing. She is torturing Emma after she confessed that she was the one who filmed Rachael and Audrey making out. Realizing that everything starts with Emma, she decides she is going to start to make her life crumble all around her and killing her friends while using the family’s history with Brandon James to do it. She is the best fit to be the killer, or at least one of the killers. No one else on this list really has a reason for killing Rachael as well.

Who do you guys think the killer is? Is it someone on the list? Do you think I missed someone? Or do you think it is someone we have not met yet? Let me know in the comments section.

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