Screaming Theories – Where do we go from here?

All of the spoilers from last night’s episode of Scream.

Wow. Just wow. I was ready to rage loudly that everyone survived the creeptackular bowling alley (cue tearful reunion montage), and then Emma was forgiving Will because they had been together for a really long time. (Quick aside – The Maze Runner was released in September of last year and the basketball season for all schools does not start until the spring semester. They are taking mid-terms, so this is all taking place in March. It stands to reason they have been together for roughly six months not counting their break. End of aside.) I found myself very disappointed in the show because it was starting to win me over! There was a shockingly brutal death in the second episode and then the sweet girl we all like was killed. The spooky warehouse drop at the end of last week was full of tension and had me wishing it was next Tuesday already.

The episode started off okay, but when the group got to the bowling alley, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time they were there. I was worried for our crack team of heroes and anticipating the killer to show. There was no way everyone was going to make it out alive. Alas they did and I started to make notes on what exactly I wanted to rage on.

But then, as Emma is just about to meet Will for a movie marathon (read: make-out session) she gets a phone call and we have a gruesome death! Shocking in the best way! RIP Will, I sad that you had to meet such a horrible end, but we needed a sacrifice to the gods of good TV.

Quick thoughts on who are killer could be:

Kieran and Audrey are now my two front runners. I wouldn’t be surprised if the two of them were working together, but it would be much more fun it they were dueling it out. Audrey is still the only person that makes complete sense to be Rachael’s killer.

Of course Kieran could have killed Rachael as a way to send a message to Maggie. The killer still has yet to publicly clam responsibility for her death. Audrey does have an alibi for not being at the bowling alley, but Kieran ran off from the supremely awkward family dinner to “pick Emma up” at a very convenient time. He also conveniently showed up at the bowling alley after the police show up claiming he heard about it on the police scanner. The killer rushed thru a door and a minute or two later (after he disposes of the costume and weapon) Kieran runs thru another door and walks out with everyone so he can get out of the building with being identified as the killer.

Jake getting injured, but not killed, makes me even more suspicious of him. It does seem like a ploy to make everyone not suspect you as Noah astutely points out, plus his creepy conversation with Brook while there were searching for Will makes me wonder if he should be institutionalized.

I still have big suspicions about the Mayor being one of the killers. I don’t know why I didn’t have him on the list I posted yesterday, because he was in my notes as being one of the possible killers. Brain lapse maybe? He did live in Lakewood back when the original killings started, but I think he was a little older than Maggie and her group. He possibly knew Brandon James or his mysterious brother Troy and was unhappy with how things turned out when the initial mass killings happened.

New Theory! I think Emma’s dad and Brook’s mother were having an affair. Emma’s dad (I forget his name) broke it off with her and decided he didn’t want to be with Maggie either, so he leaves town. Brook’s mother (I don’t think they have even said her name) freaks out and the Mayor figures out what happened and kills her. He thinks he gets away with it, but low and behold, he starts getting blackmailed. The Mayor figures out that it is Nina and Tyler so he kills them in a fit of rage. Then he just full on snaps and he decided he is going to get revenge on Maggie and Emma because they are the next best thing to getting revenge on the man who had an affair with his wife. He picks Rachael as his next victim because she is getting bullied online and figures he could make her death look like a suicide on the outside but have her body be a message to Maggie. After Rachael’s death, the phone calls to Emma started and the rest is bloody history. I think all this suggests Brook might be next because she did just threaten to expose her father.

What do you think? Are you super suspicious of Kieran and his way too convenient timing? Do you think it could be Audrey still? What are your thoughts on the Mayor? Who do you think will survive to the last episode? Talk to me in the comments section!

Is it Tuesday Yet?!?

Is it Tuesday Yet?!?

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3 comments on “Screaming Theories – Where do we go from here?

  1. Truthfully, I don’t want it to be Audrey just because I love her so.
    I feel like Kieran is just too easy to make out to be a killer, and now the back and forth with that is really throwing me off.
    Mayor is definitely up to something and I absolutely don’t trust him. Hell, he has the perfect killer face

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