D23 Slays Everyone! (And they still have today left)

Happy Sunday morning to you all. I wish I was at D23 this year, but alas I am like most other mortals gleaming in on the fun via Twitter and Instagram.

Lots of exciting sequels announced by Pixar on Friday such as Toy Story 4, Cars 3, The Incredibles 2, and Finding Dory.

The panel for the live action Beauty and the Beast showed clips from filming, including one of Emma Watson (as Belle) descending a staircase in the iconic yellow ballgown.

Jon Favreau released a stunning poster for the live action Jungle Book movie and released a rough cut of a trailer.

But lets face it, as excited as we all are to see some of our favorite toons comeback for more adventures and live action versions of our favorite Disney classics, we were all waiting for the Star Wars and the Marvel panels. And apparently they did not disappoint.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens released an official poster and Star Wars: Rogue One released a cast photo.

The end all be all was the Marvel panel where Kevin Fegie gave the audience some concept art for Doctor Strange, and then released the kragen that is the Civil War trailer. Hopefully soon Marvel will release the art and trailer to the public, but they will most likely wait and make a big announcement like what Fox did with Deadpool.

I’m sure there are more announcements to be made today, but really the best was yesterday. Even more fun was watching the twitter reactions from people who begging for the trailer release and then losing their minds when the details were posted. (I may have been one of those people)

Hopefully next year I will get to be a part of the fun, but until then, I will troll twitter for as many details as I can get.

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