Has the Killer been Caught?

Spoilers for last night’s episode of Scream.

It was one of the more gruesome episodes of the show so far, but the producers were willing to push the boundaries and that is very okay by me. Emma was haunted by images of Will’s head split in half and I’m gonna admit it kinda freaked me out too. Scream ventured into Nightmare on Elm Street territory.

But that is not what we are really here to talk about is it? Did the Sheriff catch the killer? Let’s look at the evidence against Seth Branson:

Broody good looks most psycho killers have: Check
A creepy affair with a younger student: Check
Annoying attempts to bond with students using pop culture: Check
Suspicious malware on his computer to spy on students: Check
No alibi for past killings: Check
Valid reasons for killing the other kids: Check for all but Rachael
A shady name change: Check
An even shadier past that involved another affair with a young student that turned up dead: Check
A knife in his classroom: Check (but way too convenient)
Tyler O’Neil’s cell phone used to text Reilly: Check (but again with the way too convenient)

It does not look good for Seth Branson/Palmer, but is he the killer? Or at least one of the killers?

We finally got the answers as to why Emma and her mother are being targeted by the killer(s). It was revealed in past episodes when Maggie and Emma’s dad were still teens, the two of them went on the outs. Emma’s dad (I think he has a name, but I don’t know what it would be) cheated on Maggie with one of her best friends and Maggie ran to Brandon for comfort. The two of them ended up sleeping together and Maggie ended up pregnant (remember kids, always use multiple forms of protection, just one does not always get the job done). Then the murder spree happened, everyone blamed Brandon James and he was killed instead of captured. Maggie and her family ran off to hide her pregnancy using the media and Maggie’s trauma as reasons. Maggie had the baby and it was given up for adoption before she even had a chance to see if she had a boy or girl.

It seems pretty obvious that one of the killers is the kid Maggie gave up coming to town looking for revenge. The kid could not be the same age as Seth. If he has reached college professor status, than he would be closer to 40 and I think the child now would be around 20. It still does make sense that the killer could be Seth. He was raised by the Palmers and he eventually found out that his brother or sister was adopted. The sibling, like most adopted kids, went looking for his/her real family and when he/she found out the truth, he/she cracked and decided to take some revenge out on the child the mother did decide to keep with the help of Seth.

Let’s not ignore the other fairly obvious suspect, Piper Shay. This Lazy Panda pointed out Piper was just a little bit too helpful to the students looking into the killings and is just a little too nice to them. I took it as her trying to get in good with the kids so she can get them to talk to her and dig into their lives a little deeper. But then she goes to the police to turn over video of the Mayor dragging a body into his car. Then proposes the theory the Mayor is the killer. Brook does help Piper get the video, but it is looking a little too suspicious her popping up and helping all of the time. She could just as easily be one of the killers. The whole drop in the warehouse that had Will being dragged off to the bowling alley of terror could have been a set up by Piper and the other killer to allow her to continue to insert herself into the investigation and the life of Emma.

Piper could also fit in the age of the child Maggie gave up. She started to obsess with mass and serial killings at a young age and began to podcast about them. She eventually started to research the Brandon James mass killings and thru the research, she finds out that her mother is Maggie and her father is Brandon. She partners up with someone else (maybe her brother Seth) and the two of them kill Nina and Tyler to give a reason for Piper to come to town and inject herself into the lives of Emma and her friends.

The big issue is linking any of these killers to Rachael. Her death is the wildcard in all of this. It makes sense for the killer to go after Nina, Tyler, Reilly, and Will to get at Emma, but not Rachael. The two of them had never even met. Figuring out why Rachael was killed will tell us who the killer or killers are.

Do any of you have any theories as to why Rachael was killed? Do you think Seth is the killer? Are any of you suspicious of the very helpful Piper? Do you know what Emma’s dad’s name is? Tell me your theories in the comments section.

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