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Alright fellow Nerdom dwellers, I had intended to do one final post on the end of Agents of SHIELD season 2, but the whole damn thing became too long and only really touched on just a few things I wanted to say about each character and ark. So here is what I’m gonna do. I will to do a post per character/ark so that way I will be able fully articulate what in the hell is going on in the show and my hopes for season 3. You can read about Ward/Kara here and enjoy some coffee with Cal here. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this one, summer was a very busy time for so many other things happening. Obviously there are spoilers for A.O.S.

Show: Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Stars: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Henry Simmons, Adrianne Palicki, Ruth Negga, Kyle MacLachlan, Edward James Olmos, Dichen Lachman, Maya Stojan, Luke Mitchell, Jamie Harris

Bobbie Morse and Lance Hunter were two of the more entertaining people we got to meet in season 2 and a big part of that is because Palicki and Blood play their parts so well and have such great chemistry together.

We meet Hunter first in episode 1 “Shadows” and he is a mercenary working with Hartley (The super awesome Lucy Lawless) to help the sadly outnumbered SHEILD in finding weapons and fulfilling Fury’s mission passed on to Coulson (Gregg). After Hartley dies (which sucked) and the guy who killed her is neutralized, Hunter really has no reason to stick around. He takes Coulson’s offer to stay, but I don’t think he stays because of the empowering speech Coulson gives. But I’ll get back to that.

Hunter quickly bonds with the rest of the team of course because who can resist that charm of his. Even when Skye (Bennet) and May (Wen) are claiming he sickens them, you can tell they are a bit charmed by him. He has that swagger you can’t help but love. Hunter is definitely the neigh-sayer when it comes to missions that are crazy or suicidal, but when it comes down to it, he is 100% in. We get to see a lot more of that in later episodes when he and Coulson go rouge. He also says pretty much what he is thinking and doesn’t hold back on the feels. This manages to up his charisma even more. He recounts stories of his she-devil ex-wife and how she kept secrets from him and broke his heart. It is not a good day for him when he is reunited with her.

We first meet Bobbie in episode 5 “A Hen in the Wolf House” where she is acting as a double agent like Simmons (Henstridge) in a Hydra facility. I didn’t like the promos for this episode gave away who she was and why she was at Hydra. It took all the tension away from the scenes when Bobbie was questioning Simmons as to whether or not she is a spy for SHIELD, we all just kept waiting for Simmons cover to be blown so Bobbie could rescue her and everyone goes back to Headquarters. I place that blame squarely on ABC’s shoulders because they needed to give fans a reason to be excited for the next episode.

I love that her weapons of choice are two batons and not a gun. It keeps with the tradition of the women on this show being just a bit more badass than the men. May, Bobbie, and Hartley all rely on their abilities to handle a close proximity fight and May is teaching the same abilities to Skye throughout season 2 (more of that another time). Bobbie’s arrival back at Headquarters makes for an uncomfortable situation for our crew when we learn that the she-beast ex-wife Hunter goes on and on about. Bobbie is very much a company woman, but not the company Coulson was hoping for. Her bond with Mack (Simmons) makes for some wonderful scenes with the two of them, especially when they start to drop hints they are not what they seem in episode 9 “Ye Who Enter Here.” I love watching her connect with Simmons early on as well, but it makes you wonder if she was bonding with her because she liked Simmons, or if it was out of need to gain allies inside of SHIELD. Maybe a little of both? You never see Bobbie attempting that kind of connection with Skye due to the obvious bond Skye has with Coulson.

The constant bickering between Bobbie and Hunter is cute and does make for a hot form of foreplay, but it also tell us a lot about why they broke up in the first place. In episode 6 “A Fractured House” the two of them are left alone to have an awkward conversation neither one of them wanted to have. He asks her why she vouched for him. He is not surprised she would have faith in his abilities, but Hunter is surprised Bobbie would have faith in him enough to have him as an ally. And he knows it is not SHIELD she is working for, or at least he knows she is up to something. He talks about her keeping secrets from him, she talks about his running away and always having options. He looks so guilty when she points out his need for another alternative. It makes me wonder if one of his options was another woman. She pushed him away because the job necessitated her not to have too many personal connections, he took the bait and ran off with another woman. Hunter talking shit about her behind her back with the others was his way of covering his feelings for Bobbie and the guilt he has. When Coulson asks Hunter to stay and keep working for SHIELD, he says yes partially because he wants to help the organization that his ex-wife loves so much. When Bobbie tells him he should stay at the end of the episode, it is her way of telling Hunter that she forgives him for everything that has happened. Or at least she is working on forgiving everything since she knows that she is may need him later on.

They continue to have arguments over his lack of trust for her. She even tells him before they finally start hooking up in episode 8 “Things We Bury” that “we get closer, you get nervous” when he calls her out on trying to cover something up. He never runs away from her once he comes back into the fold making her argument invalid. She constantly accuses him of projecting and mistrust. He argues that she is a master spy, of course he is always suspicious of her (and he is not wrong).

In the end we find out that the reason she constantly starts arguments and accuses him of being too suspicious is because she is spying on Coulson for the “Real SHIELD” in episode 14 “Love in the Time of Hydra” (we will touch on them more in a later post). He was right all along about her and it kills him that even though he started to believe her when she was accusing him of not trusting her, he still couldn’t let that gut feeling go. He didn’t want to be right and he wanted so much to trust her again. When Bobbie gets to talk to Hunter about everything after the big reveal in episode 14, she tells him she gave his name to Coulson and Hartley because they would need someone like him. She didn’t think he would actually start to give a damn about the people in SHIELD and stick around. But you can tell she is not being completely honest with herself on that one. She wanted him to stay and care enough to follow her, not Coulson. Mack talks her out of it in episode 11 “Aftershocks” because he is worried Bobbie has let her feelings cloud her judgement. Mack understands Bobbie and Hunter’s relationship enough to know Hunter will not understand and will side with Coulson out of spite. And he is right. When Hunter asks Bobbie to walk away from the SHIELD vs. SHIELD crazy and just be with him, she tells him no and he goes running to Coulson.

I find it amusing that Hunter develops an offbeat relationship with Coulson and Fitz (De Caestecker) out of spite for Bobbie. If she will not leave her cause, then he will do whatever it takes to undermine it. The Coulson, Hunter, Fitz show was great because there is no straight man in that scenario, they are all a bit serious and goofy at once. I wish we could have gotten more of Mike Peterson/Deathlok (J. August Richards) with the group. Watching Hunter and Deathlok interact was great due to Richard’s brilliant dry delivery. I do love that Hunter was the person that kept Fitz calm when they were on the run and took over the void Mack’s betrayal left in Fitz.

When all is said and done, Hunter could forgive Mack for keeping secrets because he has not betrayed him before, but he has a harder time forgiving Bobbie because she has already done this to him and had him believing she was not doing it again. This will definitely comeback up in season 3. Just because she nearly died saving him doesn’t mean he is going to automatically forgive her.

Rebuilding of trust is going to be the big theme with the two of them going into season 3, but I think it is going to be a minor theme in the season as a whole. The both of them handled Skye’s changes pretty well and I bet will be fairly accepting of the Inhumans. So taking on finding and training new agents is not going to be a problem with them. In all honesty, the re-acquaintance storyline will get old fairly quickly so there is going to have to be a new set of issues that comes up for them to deal with. Maybe Hunter’s other option will come into play bringing up some old wounds. Or maybe there is a chance one of them will be killed off before the winter break. It would be keeping with Mutant Enemy tradition that any couple that is too happy, one of them will have to die.

What do you think will happen to Bobbie and Hunter in season 3? Did you like their up and down relationship? Talk to me in the comments section. Next up, Fitz-Simmons! Shorty after I published this post, ABC announced that they ARE going to go ahead with the Mockingbird/Hunter spin off series. Can’t wait to see what they do with these characters when they get their own show!

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