We got the dreaded “TO BE CONTINUED”

Spoilers for last night’s Scream.

I just need to get this off my chest right quick…


Okay, I’m good now.

And then the sad realization that Pulp Fiction was over 20 years ago. Damnit it is retro now.

Sorry I’ll get back to last night’s Scream and the obvious fact Kieran is being set up by at least Piper and possibly Seth Branson/Palmer. It is too icky if Kieran is the killer/Brandon’s son. He would have knowingly seduced his half-sister and I don’t think anyone is that twisted, even on a show that airs on MTV.

I think the one female detective brought in to investigate the murders back in episode two or three should have stayed longer because it is pretty clear Sheriff Clark Hudson is kinda incompetent. How to Investigate 101, you need to be suspicious as hell over someone who is trying to insert themselves into the investigation. From the beginning Piper has implanted herself into the investigation, into the community, and specifically into Emma’s life from the word go. More on her in just a sec. Then he goes to check out some houses looking for a witness without bringing back up? Admit it, you guys were thinking he deserved the hit to the head for being that dumb. I don’t think the sheriff is going to survive, I think next week’s episode will start with the intrepid investigator meeting his end in front of everyone to see.

I still think Seth is one of the killers because when he is talking to Emma, he says some pretty weird stuff. Even the way he says “Hello Emma” is a too strange. Then he evasively drops in that he thinks Emma looks like her mother. When Emma asks him if it is all over now, he sardonically tells her that she “will find out soon enough.” He doesn’t say these things like an innocent man would, they feel like veiled threats.

Now for the evidence again Piper Shay. Like I keep saying, she is just a little too helpful. She tells Emma all about finding Brandon James’s mom because she knows Emma will want to talk to her and get some answers. When Brandon’s mother starts to call Emma Daisy and accuses her of getting her son killed, Piper looks just a little too excited over that. Like this is what she wanted Emma to hear. Then the mom starts to talk about meeting Brandon’s son and Piper starts to ask her if she remembers his name or what he looks like (to find out what she remembers maybe?). Then the final nails in the Piper-is-so-guilty coffin, she tracks Emma down at the dance to tell her that she went back to talk to the mom and she did not point out Seth’s photo, but Kieran’s. Then all of a sudden the lights go out and the Sheriff pops up on the video screen all tied up and bloody. Convenient timing much?

Why didn’t Piper go to the police when she started talking to Brandon’s mom, or go to them after when the mom said the guy she claimed was Brandon’s son talked to her. The police could have used the evidence. Nope she just wants Emma to hear these things. And of course we don’t see her talking to the mother, or hear her talking to her. What podcaster in their right mind wouldn’t record any conversation they could unless the conversation didn’t happen?

Piper knows she can set up Kieran because she was the one to wipe Rachael’s hard drive that would have evidence against her and Seth. She saw Kieran walk out of the bar with Nina and bing-bang-boom, you got a patsy. If Audrey and Noah wouldn’t have gotten so hung up on the whole Kieran knew Nina before she was killed, they might have seen something else on that tape. Like Piper and/or Seth stalking Nina? Maybe they were going to kill her that night, but were deterred by Kieran. They have already used Tyler as a fall guy, why not set up another? It also makes sense that the killers staged Rachael’s death as a suicide, it was just done sloppily. They didn’t want the police looking too hard into Rachael’s life and seeing her computer was mysteriously wiped clean before her death. The suicide just makes it look like she deleted it all before she hung herself.

What do you guys think of my theories? Do you think it is Seth and Piper working together?

One last thing… I know MTV needs to do the cross promotion thing for the VMAs, but they really could have saved the Miley tongue wagging promo for another time in the show and not during the Emma/Seth conversation. I missed a lot of what was said the first time I watched it because I was way too distracted by the weirdness that is Miley Cyrus.

Talk to me in the comments section. I wanna hear your theories. Who do you think is going to survive to the end? Is the poor know-it-all-sidekick Noah going to die?

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