So Many Questions for Season Two

All of the SPOILERS for Scream season finale!

I WAS RIGHT (sorta)! Man it feels good to have guessed the killer and why they did it. Okay, I was wrong about Seth Branson/Palmer and I didn’t see the Audrey connection coming, but hey I can’t be perfect all the time.

The finale didn’t disappoint with the body count, the tense scares, or the high amounts of paranoia, but there were a lot of questions left unanswered after the mask came off.

Quick highlights and thoughts from the mayhem:

• Poor Sheriff Clark Hudson did not make it to the first commercial break (just as predicted). The sight of his intestines falling out was a squee worthy moment for me. Kieran is now an orphan.

• Brook and Audrey bonding at the ill-advised party was awesome and I want to see more of that in season two. Too bad Audrey was there for suspicious reasons.

• The Brandon James mask wearing tool that called Audrey a bitch was the second victim of the night and I really didn’t feel too much sorrow.

• Even though we know now that Seth Branson is not the killer, he is still all sorts of shady and good on Brook for not letting him in the house. Looking forward to that confrontation next season. Plus it lead to this great moment…

• I still want to slap Brook for hiding in a refrigerator.

• I would have taken the gun Kieran was offering mostly because gun trumps knife and I still wouldn’t have trusted Kieran that easily. Plus she would have had that baby already handy for the final showdown at the lake.

• Noah made me happy this whole episode. “Bubble gum pop has never sounded so terrifying.” “I am not in favor of splitting up nor am I three days from retirement, I will not be right back.” “Maybe someone just spilled their wine. Their red viscus wine.”

• Piper is the killer and I was (half) right!! I know I said that already but I don’t care. Calling Emma sis and Maggie mom was just way too weird.

• Bullet to the brain pan, squish. Buh-bye Piper.

We found out who the killer was, but there was nine minutes left in the episode and Piper had to have an accomplice. Who jumped her and dragged Will off to the bowling alley of terror? Just before the credits roll we see that Audrey had letters from Piper and some notes about the Brandon James killings, both of which she burned and left us with a lot more questions than answers:

Is Audrey the second killer? It makes sense she was in on the whole wanting revenge on the people who have made her life a living hell, but is she that cold? Plus she still seemed really broken up over the death of Rachael. I couldn’t see her playing along with someone who killed the person she loved.

Why was Rachael killed? Was it to get the compliance of Audrey? Or to give Audrey a reason to join into Emma’s investigation? Did she see something between Audrey and Piper making her a liability?

Did Audrey contact Piper or did Piper contact Audrey? It makes sense that Piper would reach out to someone in Lakewood after she found out who her father was, but it makes more sense that she would have reached out to Noah. Noah admitted to having contact with Troy, Brandon’s brother, and is a bit in love with the idea of serial killers…

What is Audrey’s connection with Brandon James? She had notes about the initial killings and they seem to theorize that Brandon James was not the real killer.

Did Emma’s dad really show up back when she was in the hospital, or was she hallucinating the whole thing? What is his involvement in all of this? He was a survivor of the initial killings, but how else is he involved?

Who is Seth Palmer and did he kill the other student he had an affair with?

So many questions and a new season in 2016 to hopefully answer all of them.

Let me know what you thought of the series and its finale in the comments section. Also what questions do you have that the finale didn’t answer? Did you like the tribute to Wes Craven before the show?

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2 comments on “So Many Questions for Season Two

  1. I’m wondering what Seth’s going to do now that he’s in the clear. Is he going to stay in town, or leave town once again and find a new under-aged girl to have relations with? I can’t imagine him staying after all the drama that went down, but then again this town is twisted.

    • I think that he will leave town, but all of the kids are in their senior year. I think when season two picks up, they have all gone to college and that is when Seth and Brook will run into each other.

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