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Alright fellow Nerdom dwellers, I had intended to do one final post on the end of Agents of SHIELD season 2, but the whole damn thing became too long and only really touched on just a few things I wanted to say about each character and ark. So here is what I’m gonna do. I will to do a post per character/ark so that way I will be able fully articulate what in the hell is going on in the show and my hopes for season 3. You can read about Ward/Kara here, enjoy some coffee with Cal here, relive the Bobby/Hunter drama here, and be a part of the May/Coulson/Skye family unit here.

Show: Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Stars: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Henry Simmons, Adrianne Palicki, Ruth Negga, Kyle MacLachlan, Edward James Olmos, Dichen Lachman, Maya Stojan, Luke Mitchell, Jamie Harris

Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons have been the two characters outside of Skye that have seen the most amounts of personal development and growth from our original dirty half-dozen. Coulson and May are about the same as when we first meet them (well May does become a bit more open to others emotionally). But overall they are just a bit more battle worn by the end of season two. Ward has always been Ward, we just got to see the real face he hidden behind the bland façade towards the end of season one. He still makes excuses for himself and manipulates the situation so he can feel like he is justified in his actions.

When we first meet the adorable scientists in season one, they are fairly new out of the SHIELD Academy, had lots a degrees with words I’m not sure how to spell, and have no real world experience. They were just freaking cute finishing each other’s sentences and just knew what the other needed. Most everyone was looking forward to the time when the two of them would finally confess their feelings for one another. Alas, Hydra, briefly Agent Triplett (I still miss BJ Britt so much), and then brain trauma all but killed their friendship.

When things pick back up in season two, we see a broken Fitz trying to relearn what came so easy to him before. He has trouble finding words and his hands don’t work quite right. Thankfully he has Simmons there to still be his encouraging voice, right?

How much did your heart break when it was revealed that Simmons was just a figment of Fitz’s imagination? Did you also catch that the outfit she wears is the same one from season one, episode six “F.Z.Z.T.” which is the episode where Fitz finally realizes that Simmons is the person he wants to be with and gets over his Skye crush? I felt shattered, then I wondered where in the hell Simmons go. It breaks my heart even further when I realized that he knew Simmons is a figment of his imagination and he is using it as a coping mechanism. Fitz is content to hide in the shadows of the new home base and the bus, wanting to be acknowledged, but not seen. Thankfully his imagination knows what he needs and pushes him to develop a relationship with the helpful Mack. She rightfully points out that he is the only person that does not treat him like a broken scientist, but as a person that is having some difficulty and wants to help him interoperate what his mind is trying to put out. The friendship with Mack, and eventually Hunter, goes a long way to help Fitz realize how he can rebuild some of the fried circuits in his brain. He stops trying to go back to what he was and works towards a new normal.

Confronting Ward went a long way towards helped him to finally move past those road blocks and heal a little. He got to show Ward the damage he had done to him, and inflict a little of it himself. In the process he was able to get a bit of information to help the mission. Feeling like he got to say his piece, confessing to having his heart broken by a woman, and be a part of the team once again helped him to come to terms what happened to him and move forward. He even found a way to silence the imaginary Simmons for a while.

Simmons was not working towards a new normal. She knew that staying with Fitz was holding him back because her presence was making him want to hold to the way things were, but she also didn’t like all of the new changes coming her way and didn’t know how to cope with the new Fitz. So she went to Coulson and he sent her into the lion’s den. She wasn’t embracing new challenges, just running away from the ones waiting for her at the base.

When we got to meet up with her, she is working in Hydra’s science division and attempting to steal as many secrets for Coulson as possible. This is proving hard for her because a big part of her is happy to be back in a lab with the steady black and white nature of science and not in the field dealing with the gray areas. You can see it in her face when she is explaining her findings to her supervisor. She lights up the same way she used to when she would explain things to Coulson. Simmons had been keeping her head down this entire time, not due to her abysmal lying skills, but it was easy for her to just pretend there was a normalcy again. Slipping little secrets into dead drops was easy and didn’t involve her in the gray areas of being a full on spy Bobbie had to go to in order to ingratiate herself when she was spying for SHIELD. Eventually that had to change for Simmons when Coulson pressed the need for her to climb the latter more so she could steal more secrets. She had to find that little bit of darkness inside of herself we see pop up in later episodes that allow her to wade into the gray for the greater good. Simmons thankfully didn’t have to wade in those waters long, her cover was blown fairly quickly and she and Bobbie had to high tail it back to SHIELD.

Simmons resurfacing at SHIELD for a while sent Fitz back to the imaginary Simmons, the new changes in her physically and emotionally throw him. He kinda expects her to be the same Simmons and it messes with his brain. Mack can be a scarily perceptive guy. He just knew that the girl who broke his heart was Simmons and went out of his way to show her that Fitz was getting better without her. He was also the one to finally get her to confess out loud that she left because she knew Fitz was not going to get better with her around and then drove her to create a friendship with Bobbie for comfort. Of course he does this for nefarious reasons, but I will talk about that when we get to the “Real SHIELD” post.

The change to Fitz after his friendship with Mack does not go unnoticed by Coulson. When the team starts to barrel forward into their mission to destroy the city the Alien writing and the Diviner was leading everyone to, Coulson throws Fitz into the mix of things. Coulson decides that if he is going to be a part of the healing process for Fitz, then he needs to start trusting Fitz as he did before.

Fitz getting back to being more Fitz like does not immediately heal the friendship wounds between him and Simmons. The surfacing of the Inhumans and Skye’s transformation into one of them only serve to further the gap. Fitz has learned to cope with things changing at the drop of a hat and roll with them. Simmons is still stuck in trying to get things back to where they were more comfortable for her. Another change throws Simmons into a darker place she started to find at Hydra. The need to catalogue and experiment was key for her to maintain the illusion that things could still be normal. When Skye made the change, Fitz wanted to keep it hidden until they could figure out what exactly was different about her and wait for everyone to cool off before revealing her new found powers. Simmons wanted to find a way to turn Skye back to normal.

The last normal Fitz and Simmons could hold onto was the constant of Coulson as the head of SHIELD. Their relationship was always father/daughter/son like (not to the degree of Coulson and Skye, but close) and when things were getting to be too much for the two of them, they could look to him for cues. The “Real SHIELD” came battering through the walls of their base, took away Coulson as the leader, and revealed that some of their friends were not what they thought. In those moments we got our Fitzsimmons back. The both of them could hold on to the solidarity of Coulson is their leader and no one else could fill his shoes. It made for a heart happy moment watching them talk like they used to and plan for Fitz to run off with Fury’s tool box and meet up with Coulson.

Of course those moments were fleeting. Coulson came back to SHIELD so he could do his Age of Ultron set up and Simmons started to go further in to the darker place. She felt morally justified in planning to take Ward’s life and felt no sympathy when she accidentally took Bakshi’s instead. He was still a bad person. She felt disappointment that she failed to take out Ward. Simmons may have finally accepted Skye as different, but she still has a deep mistrust of anyone who is gifted (not a mutant, that is a different production company and that word cannot be used). The deep mistrust makes me think it is a sign something is different about Simmons.

The other blinking, neon red sign that something is way up was Fitz finally asked Simmons out on a date, to dinner, somewhere nice, you know. And she says yes! We were finally getting the coupling we have wanted since episode one! So of course Simmons gets sucked into that monolith like thing.

One of the big theories is that Simmons is an Inhuman and I fully support that idea. The weird block thing seemed to turn liquid every time it was in the presence of an Inhuman. And usually when characters have an irrational fear or hatred of any person, it is usually because they tend to recognize something within themselves that is like the person. Again the reigning theory is Simmons has been transported somewhere. The block/blob thing was probably sent from Kree to Earth to find Inhumans and transport them back to Kree where they are dealt with. Somehow when Simmons is wherever the Kree deal with Inhumans, she ends up thru the mist and becomes an Inhuman, but I don’t think she is going to become a good Inhuman like Skye and Lincoln have become. That darker side of her has been building for some time and she still is reeling from the changes over the last year or so. Also being around the Kree possibly showed her how the Inhumans have been destructive and why they were destroyed in the first place. Instead of wanting to help Skye and Coulson train new Inhumans for the Secret Warriors Caterpillar program, she will use her powers to hunt other Inhumans to rid the world of those who she feels is destroying humanity.

Poor Fitz will never get to be with Simmons.

What do you think happened to Simmons when she was eaten by the blob? We know she is still alive (for now). How do you think Fitz is going to react to her disappearing? Will he revert back to imaginary Simmons to cope? Do you think Simmons is an Inhuman? Tell me you theories in the comments section. Next time, we will look at the “Real SHIELD” and how that storyline helps to set up Civil War.

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  1. I’m not sure if Simmons is inhuman since the blob ate a guard or two. No evidence that it just eats inhumans. Though I hope Simmons doesn’t go bad guy I can see that it’s possible. I love Skimmons so I hope Skye and her remain close. I am also pretty sure Simmons won’t come back until late in Season Three.

    • I don’t remember the blob eating other guards, but I am in the process of re-watching the last few eps right now so I will probably see it then. Good catch. I love Skimmons too but that relationship took a bit of a hit after Skye’s transformation. The show runners have come out and said that we will find out what happens to Simmons pretty quickly in the beginning of the season.

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