Chris Evans wanting to stay with Marvel is a good sign

When it was reported that Kevin Feige was no longer reporting to Ike Perlmutter, there was a big amount of speculation as to whether or not this would have any immediate changes within the MCU. One sign of things possibly changing for the better just happened last week. Chris Evans told Collider that he would love to stay at Marvel for the foreseeable future. His exact words were, “if Marvel wants me they got me.” This is happy news to those of us who have come to love Chris Evans as Captain America and have really enjoyed the development of the movies and his character. The timing of the interview is fairly telling as well.

Chris Evans is one of the best promoters for Marvel. He is happy to talk to the press and the fans, he looks like he thoroughly enjoys working on the movies, and he has great chemistry with his co-stars on and off screen. He is just an all-around likeable dude and he has an all-American vibe about him that screams patriotic hero.

But if you look back a year or so ago when he was promoting Captain America: The Winter Soldier he was showing signs of character fatigue. He was still out there runnin’ and gunnin’ for the movie, but his demeanor was off. He was not cheerleading the movie as much as he did the first Captain America movie and The Avengers. He also said in an interview that he was thinking about moving on from acting and go into directing when his Marvel contract was up. Earlier this year he would give very wishy-washy answers about whether he would come back for a movie or two in very small doses, but not don the suit. Like all of the other major Marvel actors, he was not willing to elaborate too much about his relationship with Marvel after his contract was up.

He went back to super promoter when it came time for Age of Ultron and he is currently doing his part to build the hype for Civil War, but I don’t think the guy can help it.

He loves these movies and he loves this character. He wants to see it all succeed and not just because it makes his career better. And now that Feige is the man in charge, he is all about staying at Marvel if they want him.

Perlmutter is known for being unreasonably cheap (but you know what they say about the rich staying rich) and he was an obstacle for Feige when he went to go and sign Robert Downey Jr. to a one movie contract so he could come back for Civil War. There have been some rumblings that a big reason why no one wants to talk about continuing on after their contracts are up is because of Perlmutter and everyone does their best to play nice because of Feige. They don’t want to have to come back for more movies, work their schedule around when the studio wants to film, and not get the paycheck they could get for doing other passion projects.

Right now it is all up to Feige and Marvel’s plan as to whether or not they will bring him back for another lengthy contract or just a movie or two. It is fairly clear that the movies are working towards a Fallen Son storyline.

SPOILER ALERT! After the events of Civil War, Cap is assassinated in prison and Bucky Barnes takes up the mantel of Captain America after reading a letter Rodgers left to him before his death asking him to do so. Eventually Cap is resurrected but asks Bucky to keep the shield and continue on as Captain America in his place. With something like four movies left on Sebasian Stan’s contract and one left of Evans’s after the end of Civil War, it was easy to assume this was the storyline Marvel was working towards. Would they be willing to change up the plan to keep one of their more popular stars?

Hopefully Evans wanting to stay is the first sign of better things to come for Marvel. It is hard to think that a company sitting on top of the world right now is hurting for good things, but there is a lot they want to do for the fans. Hopefully now they can.

What do you think of the timing of Chris Evans’s interview? Do you think he had every intention of staying or do you think new management has him singing a new tune? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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    • Same here. I was not a huge fan of Evans or Cap in the beginning, but the two of them have really grown on me and I would like both to stick around as long as it is feasible.

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