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Alright fellow Nerdom dwellers, I had intended to do one final post on the end of Agents of SHIELD season 2, but the whole damn thing became too long and only really touched on just a few things I wanted to say about each character and ark. So here is what I’m gonna do. I will to do a post per character/ark so that way I will be able fully articulate what in the hell is going on in the show and my hopes for season 3. You can read about the Ward/Kara saga, have some coffee with Cal, relive the Bobbie/Hunter drama, explore the bonds of family with May, Coulson, and Skye, and ship Fitzsimmons. Now we are going to talk about the “Real SHIELD” storyline and the how it could parallel Captain America: Civil War.

Show: Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Stars: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Henry Simmons, Adrianne Palicki, Ruth Negga, Kyle MacLachlan, Edward James Olmos, Dichen Lachman, Maya Stojan, Luke Mitchell, Jamie Harris

There were subtle hints early on that Mack and Bobbie were up to something no good and attempting to recruit others for their cause. For a while we were lead to believe we were going to see another Winter Soldier like event take place, but alas they were not Hydra, just a group of people who felt SHIELD needed to be run a different way. Obviously they gave each other little looks and Mack once asked Bobbie if she was going to be bringing Hunter into the fold, but there were other clues too. It is funny to go back and re-watch all the episodes and look for the little things they do that you may have seen the first time around, but didn’t have any context.

But really this is all about what the “Real” SHIELD stands for and how this will play out in both Civil War and season three. Of course now that things are a bit different on the management side of the house in the MCU, there may be less crossover between the shows and the movies than originally intended.

The “Real” SHIELD or the Secret SHIELD is more about accountability to the entire group. They do not have one overall leader like a Fury or Coulson. A group makes all the decisions after deliberating what the options are. This is not a bad idea in theory, but it can lead to a group think like situation. When a group of minds are constantly together and have to make decisions together, they start to think the same way.

Coulson’s SHIELD is run pretty much close to how the original SHEILD was run. There was one guy in charge of everything and he kept a lot of people in the dark as to what exactly they were doing. We saw how well this worked for Fury. Coulson did have some changes, he was less inclined to send people in to be sacrificed and he did not want there to be any outside casualties at all. With the exception of those couple of differences, there is an almost blind need for Coulson to keep SHIELD as it was before it fell without looking too hard at the mistakes made by Fury in the first place. Coulson eagerly waves the banner of “This is how we have always done things.”

Both sides have their positive and negatives and going into season three, there will be some debate with the surviving council members and Coulson as to how things should be done. Especially now that they are building their very own Avengers like group with the newly formed Inhumans. People like Mack or Agent Weaver have a big dislike of anyone with powers. Mack is just distrustful of what he does not understand, but Weaver holds her prejudice due to her experiences when SHIELD fell. Powered persons were unleashed onto the Academy by Hydra forces and she fought as best as she could, but she watched many of her students get killed by them. The idea of collecting powered persons to form team probably won’t sit well with her or some of the others. In fact after the events of the season finale several SHIELD agents would probably be all for hunting down powered persons and locking them up where no one would be able to get to them. Most likely we will see some of this discord in the very beginning (in the season three promo we see some static, pun intended, with Lincoln and Mack) and then again more so once we get closer to the release of Civil War which deals with some of the same themes.

The big overall plot for Civil War will be rounding up all powered persons and registering them as government workers or else they will be considered criminals. For Agents of SHIELD it will almost be the same except instead of making powered persons register, they will be convinced working for SHIELD will be their best option. Coulson and Daisy (I am going to have to get used to calling Skye that now aren’t I) are going to be finding these newly formed Inhumans and attempting to be to those persons what Afterlife was before Jiaying went batshit crazy. They will probably go and find those who were transformed before into Inhumans and were loyal to Jiaying to convince them SHIELD is not their enemy. I think that is where most of the villains of the week are going to come into play. More on them and Lash when I get to the Inhumans.

The push and pull of season three will be about what in SHIELD should change and what should stay the same. Coulson being told by Lincoln that SHIELD’s treatment of him and others like him was the same as what Hydra had said they were doing shook Coulson to the core especially after seeing how Jiaying and the other Inhumans reacted to the idea of the Index. There is going to be some soul searching as to why this is done and is this the best way of doing things and not just the index, but for a good deal of SHIELD’s policies when dealing with powered persons. Also what happens to Simmons after the foe-monolith gobbles her up will be a big source of discord amongst the SHIELD Agents.

How do you think the different factions of SHIELD will work together in season three? How do you think the Caterpillar program will affect how things will run for SHIELD? Do you think there will be a Civil War crossover, or did Feige’s power play all but kill that option? Talk to me in the comments section.

We finally get to the end of these character/plot breakdowns with the Inhumans next. Till then!

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