Survival Tips from Fear the Walking Dead Episode 3

Zombie apocalypse coming? Not to worry, Fear the Walking Dead is full of solid advice on what to do and what not to do when faced with those who would find your sweet flesh appetizing. Here is what we learned this week from “The Dog.”

The Do’s

• Have a plan of escape in case of a fire or a break in
• Keep running during a riot
• Have board games available to play. Everyone loves Monopoly (and I am always the dog, just so you know)
• Speaking of dogs, they are handy alarm systems and fodder in case of an attack (this may have been a lesson learned from The Walking Dead, but I don’t watch that show)

I will get eaten by a zombie cause I love you

I will get eaten by a zombie cause I love you

• Old trucks are the best thing. They are too heavy to tip over (the damn things are built like tanks), plus they can carry lots of things in the bed
• Always ask the ex-wife of your boyfriend to take you out if you become one of them. She might be a little shocked in the beginning, but she will come thru in the end cause who wouldn’t want to kill the woman who probably took your husband
• Keep old antibiotics around from when you had a cold or virus, you just never know
• Shot guns are really handy for burglars and Walkers

The Don’ts

• Don’t look
• Stay away from windows or open the doors
• Don’t leave your doors open when you leave the house to go and get something
• Don’t stop running to watch people get eaten up in the streets
• Keeping score as to who is saving who is not a good idea, it just makes for a bad working relationship
• Don’t leave the shot gun shells behind when you break into someone else’s home for a gun
• Don’t go back for them when you are not sure if the house is clear
• Don’t hit the people trying to save you, they are not going to want to help you any more after you nearly break their nose
• Never have two wives in the house

Any survival tips I may have missed? Let me know in the comments section.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you think the good people are the first to die in a zombie apocalypse? Were you upset when the dog was eaten? How gross was the face after getting shot off? Now that the Calvary has arrived (and they didn’t bring Agent May with them), are you guys more nervous for our titular heroes? Try and survive the Walkers till next week!

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