Best South Park Lines from “Stunning and Brave”

Matt Stone and Trey Parker took a long break between season 18 and 19, but they came back with a vengeance in last night’s episode doing what they do best, taking the most ridiculous moments in current events and showing us just how damn dumb we can be. We all thank and love them for that.

Last night was all about the PC overload we have been experiencing lately. The boys get a new principal aptly named PC Principal and he is going to bring the residence of South Park into 2015! I think it is a little too on the nose that the PC bullies are a bunch of white, frat boys resorting to violence and playing pranks on those who need to have their “privilege checked.” Parker and Stone have never been on the subtle side.

Best lines from the night:

Mackey: “There was an incident at the school last week involving a student referring to rape as a ‘Hot Cosby,’ M’kay.”

Old Man: “{PC} lasted about six years last time. We got at least 5.9 years to go.”

Kyle: “Where is the Eric Cartman we know? The Eric Cartman we know breaks the rules and he gets away with it. Just like his hero. Come on, who’s your hero Cartman?”

Cartman: “You’re not giving me four days of detention, you’re going to give me one. No! To Hell with that! You are giving me no days of detention. Then I’m going to go home and f**k my hot wife, who’s not even that hot. Kinda looks like a dude.”
“I going to need 200 pregnant Mexican women and some taco launchers.”
“What’s wrong Kyle? You have your cake, eat it too.”

Randy: “They serve refreshments, yes.”
“I had some refreshments and checked your friend’s privilege.”

What did you think of last night’s return of South Park? Did it get a little too heavy-handed for you or was the ridiculousness just right? What were your favorite quotes or moments from “Stunning and Brave?”

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