Survival Tips from Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4

Zombie apocalypse coming? Not to worry, Fear the Walking Dead is full of solid advice on what to do and what not to do when faced with those who would find your sweet flesh appetizing. Here is what we learned this week from “Not Fade Away.”

The Do’s:

• Keep yourself physically healthy with long jogs and a swim
• Keep a video record of everything, but be very careful as to who you show it to
• Relax, count your blessings, and be nice. You don’t want the nice Army guy to shoot you
• Flirt with the hard up Army guy. He may come in handy for information
• Show your son that you love him by abandoning him to go and work for the government who is already proving themselves to be shady as hell
• You can trust the woman whose son you took to take care of your son

The Don’ts:

• Stop acting like you are normal. Things are not normal anymore
• Don’t show your video record to the one adult who is willing to comply with the Army guys too much
• Don’t encourage the paranoia
• Never trust a person who does not know how to shake your hand. Especially if it is a government doctor giving you the weak-ass handshake

This week’s episode was light on the survival advice (and heavy on the long stare downs), but the number one thing we can take away from “Not Fade Away” is NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Were there any survival tips I forgot? Would you trust the Army guys like Travis? Or are you more like Daniel Salazar?

I’m going to be a little late on getting the survival tips for next week out. I am going to be out of town that day and coming back Monday night. Hope y’all can use what we have learned to make it to next week.

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