Gotham Season 2: Off the Rails of the Crazy Train

And now “Crazy Train” is stuck in your head. Spoilers for last night’s episode.

Pretty much every character outside of Arkham has lost their nut and the nuts in Arkham are now on the outside! Such a perfect day!

This season has been dubbed the “Rise of the Villains” and there was no disappointing in the amount of villains that showed up to play or just wave the crazy flag all over the place.

Villain Roll Call:

• Oswald Cobblepot – He is now the head of the crime syndicate in Gotham and quickly moved himself to Godfather like status. He needs to watch his back, heavy is the head and all that
• Victor Zsasz – Still creepy
• Butch Gilzean – Still a little off and loyal to Cobblepot
• Selina Kyle – Our friendly neighborhood cat-burglar is sitting pretty on her perch at Cobblepot’s table for now
• Edward Nygma – Is talking to himself in the mirror, which is fine cause we all do that, but it is a bit unsettling when the refection starts to talk back

• Barbara Kean – Is making prank phone calls from her cell at Arkham, enjoying new and interesting fashion trends, getting a fabulous pedi, and making new friends
• Jerome Valeska – He is a funny dude and has a big ol’ crush on Barbara
• Theo Galavan – Distinguished business man, visionary scientist, acclaimed philanthropist, new chairman of development at the Gotham Chamber of Commerce, adopted son on Gotham, and all around swell guy
• Tavitha Galavan – Theo’s whip and knife wielding sister

Villains gotta Vill, y’all. (Yes I am a part of Bachelor Nation) There were a couple of new villains that were seen but not quite introduced just yet.

As for our heroes… well, things are not looking so great for them. Harvey is a recovering alcoholic tending bar (ah, irony). Jim starts out as a street cop, and then loses his job (again). He goes to Cobblepot for help and of course gets roped into helping him collect his money from a debtor. Things go south fast and Jim ends up killing the guy. Of course Cobblepot pinky-swears that he won’t tell anyone. Bruce decides a bomb is the best way to open a door. (When is that boy ever going to learn that the password will always be BRUCE?) But before he blows the door open he schools Jim on not letting pride get in the way of doing what is right. The right way can sometimes be the ugly way, but how ugly is Jim willing to get?

I enjoyed the darker, crazier season premier. I look forward to seeing how off the rails Gotham is willing to go. There is a theory going around that Barbara is going to become Harley Quinn and I am okay with that. DC is not doing the same thing as Marvel in keeping all of the movies and TV shows in the same universe. We will see multiple Flashes, Jokers, Batmans, Harleys, and whatever characters they want to use in storytelling so ease up on the Nerd Rage a little.

What did you think of the Gotham season 2 premier? Do you the new and improved villains? Do you think the show is going too far with how dark they are willing to take Jim? Let me know in the comments section.

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