Agents of SHIELD – Not with a bang, but with a vitamin

Jiaying didn’t set off the (Terrigen) bomb, but we did get a bang up ending for season two.

We have finally reached the end of the character/plot breakdowns for season two just in time for the season premier next week. Relive the strange case of Ward & Kira, have some damn fine coffee with Cal, enjoy the drama of Bobbie & Hunter, explore the family dynamic of May/Coulson/Skye, ship Fitzsimmons, and take a look at the Civil War prequel that is the SHIELD vs. SHIELD.

Show: Agents of SHIELD Season 2

Stars: Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Henry Simmons, Adrianne Palicki, Ruth Negga, Kyle MacLachlan, Edward James Olmos, Dichen Lachman, Maya Stojan, Luke Mitchell, Jamie Harris

It is interesting to watch the transformation of Jiaying (Lachman) from wanting nothing more than to hide the Inhumans from everyone, to becoming someone willing to sacrifice everyone else to ensure the Inhumans will no longer be prosecuted for being different. It felt like she went to that conclusion a bit quickly, but at the same time it felt inevitable for her to become this kind of villain. It does make me wonder how long she may have intended to activate all Inhumans plan too. With Hydra now gone by the end of Ultron, and the “Real” SHIELD now merging with Coulson’s SHIELD, there was a need for a villain and Jiaying seemed to be the best fit. I think we all were leery of her from the beginning because she always seemed to be harboring secrets. I didn’t want to think she would be someone to become a big bad, mostly because I love Lachman. Knowing her character was going to be the big bad this late in the season usually means her ark is going to have to be resolved by the end of the season finale and we would not have any more Lachman in the show.

I got Jiaying’s fear though. After what Whitehall and Hydra did to her, plus the events of The Winter Soldier, she sees SHIELD and Hydra as the same group of people. In many ways, they are the same organization. Both institutes feel the need to catalogue everything that is remotely super-human and exert some kind of control over the super-powered. Both of them feel that this is for the betterment of humanity overall. Both organizations feel the need to act with a show of force with anything remotely new and foreign verses a show of peace and communication.

Even though Jiaying met her end at the hands of Cal, there are going to be the group of Inhumans loyal to her that are going to blame SHIELD for her death. For season three I can see these Inhumans fighting the newly formed Caterpillar program and try and find those who are newly transformed before SHIELD can get a hold of them. There also could be those who are newly transformed and don’t want to be heroes or government workers and/or will try and use their powers for harmful gain. The villain of the week type stories could be centered on these characters.

The big bad for a good chunk of the season will most likely be Lash. There was a very brief teaser for Lash in the AOS season three promo. You only got to see him in shadow. My knowledge of Inhumans is basically non-existent but if you go and look up Lash’s story on Marvel Wiki, you get the sense that he is an Inhuman version of an Arian Nation type. In his bio, Lash was raised in an Inhuman city (much like Afterlife in AOS) and was one of the very few of the inhabitants to receive Terrigenesis. The elders were very careful as to who they allowed to go thru the Mist because there are those who would use their powers to do horrible things and bring too much attention to the Inhumans who wanted nothing more than to live in secret. To get to go thru the Mist was a big deal and meant the elders found you worthy of your gifts.

A lot of that same plot was established when we got to Afterlife and learned a bit more about the Inhumans. Jiaying tells Skye about how the elders have to be very careful as to whom they allow thru the Mist. They had an incident with an Inhuman using their powers for evil and gained attention from SHIELD. To be chosen is a big deal. With the Terrigenesis in a pill going on, anyone who possesses the Inhuman gene will transform if they take the fish oil pills. This will not sit well with a person like Lash and he will be hunting down the newly formed Inhumans as well to see if they are worthy of the gifts they are given.

When we get closer to the release of Civil War the show will most likely shift from finding and training Inhumans and dealing with Lash to a debate as to whether or not the Inhumans should be made to work for SHIELD after the organization has trained them to control their powers. But we are a long way from crossing that bridge and with the new power structure at Marvel Entertainment the amount of crossover is probably going to be limited.

What do you think of the Inhumans storyline? Do they make for a decent replacement for the Mutants and X-Men? How do you think many members of SHIELD are going to react to the newly formed Inhumans? Are you ready for Season three to start already? Talk to me in the comments section!

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