Survival Tips from Fear the Walking Dead Episode 5

Zombie apocalypse coming? Not to worry, Fear the Walking Dead is full of solid advice on what to do and what not to do when faced with those who would find your sweet flesh appetizing. Here is what we learned this week from “Cobalt.”

The Do’s:

• Bad cop, good cop, terrifyingly scary cop is always the best way to get the information you need and more
• Always listen to the guy who had been thru something like this before
• If you have the guns, you can do whatever you want
• Open your mouth when firing a 50 caliber rifle, you don’t want to pop a retina
• Stay in the truck no matter what
• If you treat your guys badly, they will leave you behind when the shit hits the fan
• Always have shiny things to barter with

These will get you lots of people in your debt

These will get you lots of people in your debt

• Have someone in your debt, but choose that person wisely
• Humanity and innocence need to be on a sliding scale in order to survive
• Rich people houses are going to be empty when the zombie apocalypse comes. They are the last people to arrive in to the neighborhood and the first to leave when things go wrong
• Sometimes trashing the rich people houses are cathartic (even though it has been proven that catharsis does not work it just makes you more angry), but it can also be a good bonding moment too
• Learn the meaning of necessity, it makes you useful
• When you see the military scattering like the rats on the Titanic, you know it is going to get even worse
• Shoot the person who just died in the head before they turn, they don’t want to come back as monsters and they don’t take you with them

The Don’ts:

• Don’t trust insurance, you are entrusting your life and the lives of those you love to a piece of paper

Sign your life away here, here, and initial here

Sign your life away here, here, and initial here

• Don’t let the guy who can sell you anything get too far in your head
• Don’t ask too many questions about what happened to other nurses, it is not going to make you feel better about leaving your son behind
• You never want to know what is going to be done to the hostage
• Never threaten the crazy military guy with the gun, just be helpful when explaining that the population will riot if they are continued to be treated like prisoners
• Don’t take the virginity of the kid who may end up your step brother, it is kinda gross

Are there any survival tips I missed?

Sunday’s episode was intense and a great build up to the season finale. Are you sad to see the asshole military guy gone? Who do you think is going to survive next week’s finale? Do you think the military guys are going to unleash the zombies in the arena on the population? Or do you think the zombies are going to break down the doors?

Hope to see you all after the season finale!

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