Agents of SHIELD Premiere – Someone get Mack and Shotgun-Ax!

Spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch last night’s season three premier of Agents of SHIELD. If you haven’t watched it yet then I highly suggest you go and do it now! You are missing out!

Have you watched it yet? Good let’s get started!

The opening teaser looked like something out of a Marvel movie. Lots of explosions, a city in destruction, and mayhem all around. Welcome back to SHIELD everyone! The season premier jumped forward a few months in time from the devastating events of the season two finale and hooked us right in on the action. I love that the fish oil pills have already been established as the culprit and there have been several people who have made the change. I think if the show would have picked things up where they left off or started with the first person to make the change, it would have been a big step back into the first season stumbling and working too hard to find its footing.

The great thing about the show jumping ahead a few months in time is we now see that some of our main characters have grown up a lot. Skye Daisy (I’m like Coulson and have a hard time transitioning to the new name) has now become the SHIELD agent Coulson wanted her to be in the first season. She is the welcome wagon for the newly formed Inhumans. Fitz has crossed over into badass Bond like territory trying to find answers to the Monolith that swallowed Simmons. Bobbie gets to show off how smart she is outside of her super spy skills. Bobbie and Hunter start off doing the thing that they do when they don’t know how to handle each other, but they eventually start to talk it out like grown-ups and discuss when they are getting married. It could actually work this time. Mack still does not trust anything that is alien, but he is willing to try and work with it. He is not going to be super fluffy and nice about it. He does seem to trust Coulson and Daisy so that is a step in the nicer direction. Lincoln has been damaged by the events Jiaying caused. He no longer sees being an Inhuman as something worthy or special. Watching you hero go crazy can do that to you.

May went on vacation and has yet to return, but it looks like she will be making an entrance in next week’s episode. Ward was also MIA, but we did learn Hunter has his ear to the ground and that he and Bobbie will be going after Ward as soon as she heals up. The interesting thing is Hunter and Coulson talk about how the Hydra accounts have been stagnant, but we already know that Ward has been getting busy rebuilding Hydra. Where is he getting the funds? I think Baron Zemo is involved (but of course we will not see Daniel Brühl on the show) and funding the rebuilding with money SHIELD obviously does not know about. So look for some Zemo references to come up in future episodes.

We got a few new and interesting characters in the season premier. First off we met Joey who is now the first openly gay character in all of the MCU. His powers are quite destructive, he can melt some metals by either touching them or being near them. This could be a really cool power if they can find a way to harness it. So far I like him. He makes a great stand in for those of us who need catching up on what in the hell just happened. I also loved that his reaction to being told he has alien DNA is to laugh and want to tell his friends about it over some beers. Big time shock and denial, but it felt like a real reaction someone would have to that kind of strange news.

The always awesome Constance Zimmer is the mysteriously sexy and super witty Rosalind. She has bounced between various departments of government under various aliases and she is the one other people (including the President) has to answer to. Such a powerful woman and I’m in love with her already. Please someone tell me she stays with the show for good. Despite her enormous power, she is not some evil overlord. She is just trying to protect the rest of us in the best way she knows how. And she seems to be genuinely horrified at the trail of dead Inhumans she has found. A very deep and interesting character.

Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

Courtesy of ABC and Marvel Entertainment

The banter between Rosalind and Coulson was the highlight of the show (outside of the Lash reveal) and now I am having a hard time shipping Philinda anymore. What would we call those two? Rosalon? Coulind? Coulsalind? I’m not good at the name mashing mostly because I think it is kinda dumb, but the trend refuses to go away so when in Rome. That was some seriously sexy banter, very Whedonesc. If there is an episode at some point in this season where it is just them two talking, that would be the best.

I think there is something to Rosalind and Lincoln. Lincoln’s turn from the Inhuman ways and culture is understandable in the light of what Jiaying did, but at the same time it does seem to be a bit too much. He is terrified when Daisy asks him to come back. Is he scared of what he is because of Jiaying or is it because he knows something about Rosalind and her mysterious new department? When Rosalind got to the hospital after the Lash attack, her and her henchmen were giving each other pretty significant looks when they saw that Lincoln was at the center of it all. Some intrigue happening here!

On to the big two crazy stories, Lash and Simmons.

Lash’s reveal was perfectly done. I’m glad they didn’t attempt to Jaws in the first episode and showed us how he looks and what he can do. I doubt his is going to be that overly present in the show. His makeup looked great, but I’m sure it took hours to get it on and it is also probably really expensive. I don’t think Marvel Entertainment gave Agents of SHIELD that great of a budget to keep that up. I think Lash is going to be Jawsed from here on in and will be saved for the bigger episodes.

Simmons is alive and stuck on some kind of Kree outpost on the run from something! The fact that the Monolith still hasn’t gone liquid or attempted to swallow Fitz makes me hold on to the theory that Simmons is Inhuman. The Monolith sensed her alien DNA and sent to the Kree outpost to be dealt with. I think she is going to be stuck there for some time and we are going to learn more about the Kree and Inhuman culture from that side. My guess is the mid-season finale is going to see her coming back and she could have been changed by then or at least she knows that she carries the alien DNA. Considering the hostile way she reacted to Reyna and Daisy changing, she will probably not take the news well.

Overall, I think this is the Agents of SHIELD all of us have been wanting. It only took two seasons for it to find its purpose and footing, but now it seems like it could be worth it.

Peter MacNicole is coming back next week! I loved him in season one and I hope he will have a multi-episode arc in season three. So far IMDb is not showing him in more episodes, but one can still hope.

What do you guys think of the season three premier? Do you think Lash looks awesome? Or maybe he looks a bit too much like a beastly character owned by another production company? Where do you think Simmons is at? Do you love the badass Fitz? Did you get all the feels when he started banging on the Monolith?

Are you in love with Rosalind too? I’m sure those of you reading this can come up with a better name mash than me. Someone needs to make a “We lost Fitz again,” T-shirt.

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