Best Lines from South Park “Where My Country Gone?”

Sorry it has taken me a week to get this one out, but UberApe and I took a quickie holiday to Berlin so I didn’t get to watch this one until today. As usual South Park took current events and turned them on their head. This week took on more PC craziness, Donald Trump, and immigration. They managed to sprinkle in some more Caitlyn Jenner jokes as well. Buckle up Buck-a-roo

Courtesy of South Park and Comedy Central

Image Courtesy of South Park and Comedy Central

Here are the best lines from the episode:

PC Principal: “So did you forget that at 8 and 11 all Canadians face east and play Chuck Mangione? Or did you not care to find out about their religious customs?”

Butters when talking about the Canadians: “They are all eating together, and praying, and putting syrup on their mac and cheese.”

Cartman to Kyle: “Because you want to bring down the cultural fabric of America. Cause you are a Jew.”

Mr. Stkrdknmbalz: Singing the Canadian alphabet “A-B-C-D-E-F-Guy-H-I-J-K-L-N-O-Buddy-Q-R-S-T-U-Fwend-W-X-EH-&-Thppp. These are Canadian A-B-C’s. Susie like hairy balls. What do you think of these?” Grabs his balls

Charlotte to Butters: “In Canada, we call a Slow Cosby Love.”

Best lines of the night go to Mr. Garrison:

Singing “It took 43 presidents to make us stand tall, and just one black guy to unravel it all.”

To PC Principal – “You sir have a pizza face and you suck your mom’s dick.”

“What do you mean they built a wall? They can’t build a f@%king wall! Oh, F@%k them to death.”

What did you think of last week episode? Are you ready for another one tonight?

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