Best Lines from South Park “The City Part of Town”

This week’s episode did not have any laugh out loud funny lines or moments, but to me it was hilarious because I live in a historic area of Dallas that is near a neighborhood currently going under some serious gentrification. For those of you who have not heard of Oak Cliff in Dallas, it is known for its gang violence mostly in the past and where Lee Harvey Oswald lived when he assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Oak Cliff has an area called Bishop Arts where all the hipsters live and congregate. I can’t really make fun of it because I do like to go to some of the restaurants there. In fact one of the best BBQ joints in Dallas (that is also not super pretentious about it unlike some others) is there. There is no Wholefoods in Bishop Arts (thank god) because it is considered too mainstream for the area. They have a grocery store with a very meta name, The Market. It is definitely a Sodosopa like neighborhood. Some of those fake advertisements for Sodosopa sound a lot like some of the advertisements I have heard for Bishop Arts and the über Uptown District in Dallas. Those ads made me laugh the hardest.

Here are some of the very few best lines from “The City Part of Town” and as usual, Trey Parker and Matt Stone do not pull any stereotypical punches.

City Wok Manager: “Some say I cannot survive in today’s world, but if there is one asset that the Chinese man has is the tactical use of child labor.”

Wholefoods assessor after evaluating the slaughter of the local cattle: “All of the bullets are made from reclaimed metal?”

One of the best lines from the Sodosopa ads: “Now you can relax in your state of the art deck spa while taking in the view of that mixed Sodosopa culture.” Kenny’s parents start to fight in the background

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you live in a neighborhood undergoing gentrification? How do you think this is going to continue into next week’s episode? Let me know in the comments section.

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