Quantico: Who is Framing Alex?

ABC’s new show Quantico has roped me in. I love a good mystery, especially when it is told well and unfolds an interesting way. Flashing forward and back between the beginning and the big crime is certainly not a new and interesting way of telling a story, but so far the mystery is unfolding in a way that makes up for now somewhat overused plot structure.

It also has me hooked because I love Alex Parish. She is smart, trusts her instincts (at least in the beginning she does), she is tough, and doesn’t let a little competition (or charges of terrorism) frazzle her. And I have developed a bit of a girl crush on Priyanka Chopra. I think Alex is the only honest person on the show. Yes she lied to her mother about where she was going and had to one secret when she first arrived at Quantico, but she confessed her secret early and it makes sense that she wouldn’t want her mother to know she is training to be an FBI agent after everything with her father. I am very curious to see what happened to her during training at Quantico and how she got to the bombing scene.

There is a long list of those who could be behind the bombing of Grand Central Terminal and framing Alex. And there are plenty of people not on the up and up.

Acting Shady:

Liam O’Connor – He is an alcoholic and on his last chance with the big wigs in the FBI. He screwed up something big time in Chicago and has been sent to Quantico to train new agents. Somehow when we get to the present, he is now the deputy director of the FBI. I wonder who he threw under the bus to get there. He also has Booth following around Alex to get her trust for some mission only he knows about.

Miranda Shaw – She is the director at Quantico and the person who brought Liam back from the dead end desk duty after he screwed up. In the present, she is still at Quantico and just happens to be in New York when the bombing takes place. She also just happens to be ready to bust Alex out when Alex is charged with terrorism because Miranda knows she is innocent.

Ryan Booth – He is a Special Agent sent to Quantico by Liam to spy on Alex. So far we don’t know much about him other than what he has told Alex. But did he tell her those things to get closer to her, or is he actually being honest with her? Were all those tells as to who Booth really is placed there for Alex to see so he would have a story to use on her?

Naimah and Raina Amin – They are twins pretending to be the same person. They were recruited by Miranda and asked to act like they are the same person. They are being trained specifically for one mission so far and no one else is to figure out that they are twins.

Shelby Wyatt – She is a sweet southern girl who is a famous sharpshooter and lost her parents in the 9/11 attacks. She has a name in Arabic in her phone that she does not want anyone at the FBI to know about and is happy/worried when that person calls her while she is in training.

Simon Asher – This one is a big mystery. He wears broken glasses to seem like he is a clumsy nerdy guy and he may or may not be gay. I’m leaning towards not gay and he has a big ol’ crush on Naimah/Raina, or is pretending to have a crush on her/them so he can get closer to what they are training for. He also managed to get in and out of Gaza without some kinda of Visa. He claims he did it because he is a devout Jewish man and wants to understand why the Palestinians and the Jewish could not coexist.

Caleb Haas – Douchey frat boy that only got in because his whole family is an FBI dynasty. When his dick-wad antics cause another recruit to kill himself, he is kicked out of being an agent. His sister took pity on him, made some calls, and now he is an analyst in training. He also has a Facebook page under a different name. I wonder how he was able to authenticate his profile?

Natalie Vasquez – A former cop who has a massive inferiority complex. She always has to be number one (much to her own detriment) and sees Alex as her main competition. She also has big eyes for Booth (he is pretty dreamy) and a fake scar back behind her ear.

Who can we trust?

I think the super adorable analyst in training, Elias, is someone who is going to come into play later, at least while they are all in Quantico. He has started to figure out that Simon is not at all what he seems when he found out that Simon did not get a Visa to Palestine and wears fake glasses. He is one of the few that does not seem to have a secret here.

And so far Elias is it on the trust list.

I don’t think everyone is guilty of the bombing, but most of these people here are so shady it makes me wonder about the FBI’s recruiting practices. (Of course I know this is all fiction, but still)

Who is guilty of what?

So far I think Simon is behind the bombing because he is the shadiest out of all the shady people.

My guess with Liam is he is using Booth and Alex to get his foot in the door for assistant director. He has a past with Alex’s father and is going to use that to get himself out of whatever mess he got himself into.

I have no theories on the others just yet, but I’m sure next week’s episode will give me plenty of info to develop some.

Did you like the first two episodes of Quantico? Who do you think is behind the bombing of Grand Central Terminal and framing Alex? What do you think the other people’s secrets are? Let me know in the comments section.

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