Survival Tips from Fear the Walking Dead Finale

Zombie apocalypse coming? Not to worry, Fear the Walking Dead is full of solid advice on what to do and what not to do when faced with those who would find your sweet flesh appetizing. Here is what we learned this week from “The Good Man” and just so you know that the man willing to walk around with a horde of the dead behind him is the ultimate badass

Photo Courtesy of AMC and Fear the Walking Dead

Photo Courtesy of AMC and Fear the Walking Dead

The Do’s:

• Hope that acts of kindness don’t come back and bite you on the ass, no pun intended
• The dead don’t use tools
• The dead do make for a great distraction
• Know who you consider family
• Learn early that you can’t save everyone, this will save you a lot of heartache and arguments in the future
• Just give the keys to the meatheads with guns before they get other ideas
• If you are bitten, find creative ways to not turn. A helicopter rotary is one good choice…
• Closing doors behind you as you go is a good idea, just make sure they do not automatically lock behind you
• Have a backup plan in case your ride gets eaten
• Keep swiping the key, it will work at the last possible moment
• Teamwork is key to survival

Photo Courtesy of AMC and Fear the Walking Dead

Photo Courtesy of AMC and Fear the Walking Dead

• Raid the meds (if you can) when you come across them
• Realize that when you torture a person, there will be consequences (especially if you leave him with the nice guy)
• Be brave if you have been bitten
• Be brave when dealing with someone who has been bitten
• Embrace the madness
• Morality is a luxury in the apocalypse

The Don’ts:

• Escaping the zombie apocalypse is not the time to have family drama, you can deal with crazy revelations about you family another time
• Don’t get too judgey of those who are desperate, you never know when you become one of the desperate ones
• Don’t trust your hostage to the nice guy
• Don’t take your shooting techniques from Storm Troopers
• Don’t just stand around and watch the chaos around you, run!
• You don’t need to see your dead mother while trying to escape a hospital full of zombies
• Don’t let your kid see his mother after you have shot her, it will traumatize him too

Did I miss any tips?

That was one hell of a finale. I really enjoyed the first season of Fear the Walking Dead. It was a slower build and the finale was not balls out crazy, but everything was really well done. The tension always felt high and I liked most of the characters (even when they were pissing me off). Travis is definitely not going to be the super nice, naive guy anymore. I would like to know more about Madison and what happened to her that made her know how to make the hard decisions fast. Chris Hardwick on The Talking Dead made a joke that Madison’s southern accent is a hint that she is related to Rick Grimes. Who thinks that is a possibility?

What did you guys think of the first season of Fear the Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments section. Are you going to miss Liza? Did anyone else think zombies were going to start coming out of the water during that last shot?

Hope you are able to survive till season two with what we have learned so far!

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