Agents of SHIELD – Amazon woman and Robot Hand

Spoilers for last night’s episode so go and watch then come back here and geek out with me.

Quickie summary:

After a very strange teaser involving a group of guys drawing straws (or rocks) to see who gets to be eaten by the monolith, we get back right where we left off with Fitz going ballistic. The rest of the gang bust in to stop him and Fitz manages to find sand on his face and hands confirming his belief the monolith transported Simmons somewhere. In comes Elliot Randolph (Peter MacNicol), the Asgardian we met back in season one, who has done lots of research on portals here on earth. The last thing he wants is to be sent back to Asgard (or run afoul of the ATCU) so he helps Coulson and Co figure out the mystery of the monolith. After some mcguffins, lots of one liners, and Daisy Quake powers to the rescue, we get our Simmons back!

Elsewhere we have May in Arizona helping her father recuperate after a suspicious hit and run. May playing golf and wearing a skirt is a little disturbing. Hunter shows up to talk her into hunting down Ward with him so he can put a bullet in the brain pan (squish). May turns him down, but her father (I love the casting of James Hong here) gives a pep talk and now we have the May and Hunter show.

Meanwhile back at Hydra, Ward has amassed a decent sized crew so far and finds what seems to be a spoiled rich kid to beat up on for money. Turns out he was testing Alexander von Strucker (welcome or AOS Spencer Treat Clark!), the son of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker (the guy Ultron did a Banksy on). Ward wants to recruit Baron von Younger to the cause especially since he doesn’t seem to be on SHIELD’s radar and has lots of money to fund Hydra’s shenanigans. First he has Alexander go to college to spy on Dr. Andrew Garner.

Thoughts, Theories, and Questions:

There were some great one liners in this episode. I almost want to write another recap just focusing on the best ones.

When Fitz call it “impossible sand” and talked about parallel worlds you know they had to be trolling on Fantastic Four.

Was the point of the opening teaser just to give us all a glimpse of the machine before our heroes found it? Do you think Simmons met anyone who had gone thru it before while she was in the other world?

I really would like MacNicol to stick around for a few more episodes. He is such a great actor and knows how to deliver a great one liner with such a straight face. Plus his character is really fascinating.

Daisy talks to Andrew about how he has benched every Inhuman he has examined so far. How many have they found outside of Joey? Where are they right now? When are we going to get to meet them?

How many of you squealed in delight when May’s father called her Millie? I may have choked up a little when he told her “there are worse things than being you mother’s daughter.” It was a beautiful and sweet considering she was struggling with the person she had become working for SHIELD.

How many episodes do you think it will take for Coulson to call her Daisy? I call ten!

Andrew didn’t have a lot to do in this episode, but he did serve a really important function. He pointed out that there is a big chance there are those who could use their powers for malicious intent if they are pushed too hard or the wrong way. This is important because it is like Chekov’s gun; at some point after it has been introduced, it has to go off. I think it is going to be an Inhuman (or a group of them) who will be trained by SHIELD that will be the catalyst for the Civil War like events in the show that will help tie to the movie.

I don’t think Andrew is in danger (yet) from Alexander and Ward wanting to spy on him. Most likely it is a chance for Alexander to get close to Andrew to see what SHEILD is up to with the Inhumans. If Ward didn’t have the full wrath of May yet, he will as soon as she finds of he is messing with her ex-husband.

The monolith only reacted to Randolph, Daisy, and Simmons. So it is affected by those who have alien DNA. Simmons has to be an Inhuman, right? I’m going to keep saying it until the show confirms my theory, damnit!

I’m a little shocked they brought Simmons back so fast, but her recovery from wherever she was at will be a compelling story to watch.

Do you guys think she may have gone thru the mist while she was there? What do you think her powers would be if she did? Do you think Simmons is going to be more anti-alien than she was before?

What are your thought, theories, and questions from this episode? What was your favorite one liner? Sound off in the comments section.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Agents of SHIELD

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