Hockey is Back, Baby!

The Dallas Stars season opener is not until tomorrow, but today is the first day of the NHL season and I couldn’t let this happy day pass without talking about my favorite hockey movies.

The Mighty Ducks

For me, this movie is kinda what started my love of the sport. I grew up in Texas around football (ugh) and baseball (yay). I knew about hockey as a sport because of the Winter Olympics, but I never really got a chance to watch any games or have any real exposure to the sport. Enter Disney and The Mighty Ducks which is about a guy who relearns his love for the sport when he has to coach a ragtag youth hockey team. I loved the kids and their quick insults. I loved the “Quack” chant before the big game. I loved the Mike Modano cameo. I love how cool hockey looked in the movie. Not too long after I saw the movie, I got to see an actual hockey game on TV and it blew me away how really awesome the sport is and how much faster and intense it is than the movie made it seem. The sequels were okay, but you just can’t beat the original. Oh, and a couple of the kids might just be a little bit recognizable.

Slap Shot

A hockey movie that is about fighting in hockey. Awesome!!


Another great hockey movie that is about fighting in hockey! Can’t wait for the sequel which has a cameo from another Dallas Star, Tyler Seguin.


I have never seen Team USA Men’s Hockey win a gold medal in the Olympics. I am still bitter as hell over the ’10 Olympics (Damn you Team Canada). I was born in ’82, but that does not mean I don’t know and appreciate the story of a group of underdog kids going up against a powerhouse team. The hard work and the unwavering optimism displayed in this movie makes you proud to be an American. I may shed a few sports tears every time I watch. I am a really sentimental sap.

30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men

This documentary makes for a great viewing companion for Miracle. It is about the guys on the other side of the line. It takes a look at the development of hockey in Russia, how they became the powerhouse in the sport, the decline of the old ways, and the fallout after the loss at Lake Placid.

Are you guys ready for hockey?

I know there are so many other good hockey movies I am leaving off this list, but I don’t care. This is about my favorite hockey movies. Now tell me your favorites. Go Stars!

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