Quantico – Who in the hell is Simon?

Spoilers for “Cover”

Last night’s episode of Quantico helped us to look more into our list of suspects and the list of who Alex can trust.  We also dive a little further into the head-screw that is training at Quantico.  I really hope this is not how the real FBI does things.

Miranda sets up a profiling exercise for the agents in training and posts the negative points of everyone’s profile and who wrote them for all to see.  When the agents in training don’t like their peer’s evaluation, Miranda throws out the real rub.  Find three people to cut or she will cut ten.  Things quickly go south and the fighting and bickering reach high school levels.  In steps Alex trying to keep the peace with a “Can’t we all just get along.”  It was sweet, a little naïve, and sounds like something I would do.  Stick together or we all drown.  Simon has other ideas and goes to Miranda to vote for the greater good of all in training.  Natalie, ever the insecure instigator, leads the charge for everyone else to vote with Simon (because she thinks she could be one of the ten who gets cut?), but Miranda cuts her off at the pass letting everyone know they failed the real test.  No class in the history of the exercise has ever voted!  They have always chosen to stick together and let Miranda cut ten (which she never does).  Without the trust of your teammates, how can you do your job?  Alex was right again!  Simon gets a disciplinary warning in his file for throwing his teammates under the bus and has been warned that another screw up will result in his removal from Quantico.  Everyone kisses and makes up so they can try and forget about the mean things they just said about one another.

In present time, Ryan puts Alex in touch with Simon to help her find who is setting her up.  We learn from their encounter Simon washed out of Quantico (so we assume) because an incident with a bomb and every one saw the real Simon (whatever that means).  Can’t wait to see how that story plays out.  Thru some CSI like stuff, Alex and Simon find the finger prints on the C-4 are an old set of prints from Alex.  Flashing back to training at Quantico, Alex cut her finger and now there is a pretty prevalent scar there.  Someone has been working to set her up to be the fall guy since she first got to Quantico!  This would have been a much more exciting revelation if ABC hadn’t spoiled that line in the promos.  Simon then triggers the alarm system to alert the authorities to Alex’s presence so he can get away with helping her without going to prison.  Simon tells Alex where she can lay low, but first she has to make her getaway look good for the cameras to see.  Alex gets herself set up at a safe house and starts to set up a suspect board of everyone at Quantico, even the ones who washed out or died (hello suspiciously long look at photo of Eric Packer).

In the FBI war room, Liam has Alex’s mother, Sita, brought in so he and the Deputy Director Clayton can get a story out of her to tell the media as why an FBI agent would bomb a national land mark.  Miranda corners Sita and tries to tell her that Alex is innocent and not to turn on her own blood, but Sita does not listen.  She tells Liam that Alex went missing for a year in India when she was sent to live with Sita’s family after the death of her father.  Then she goes in front of the cameras and pleads for Alex to turn herself in and we learn Priyanka Chopra has the ever elusive pretty cry.

Acting Shady

Simon as usual takes the top spot for the shadiest of the shady.  In the big twist of the episode we find out that Simon is working for Deputy Director Clayton in keeping Alex busy with finding out who framed her!  Que creepy Simon smile.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter feed

Liam gets the second spot of super shady.  He pretended to not know who Alex’s father was when she approached him for information, but turns out he was partnered with Michael Parrish and the two of them did something bad that changed Michael.  Plus he manipulated Sita so she would go in front of the press and declare her own daughter guilty.

Ryan set Alex up with Simon and is continuing to play whatever game he started at Quantico.  Is Ryan Booth even his real name?

While training in Quantico, Shelby is still taking middle of the night phone calls and transferring $1,000,000 into an unknown bank account.  She also tells Alex she found out some unsavory things about her parents after their deaths and has been working to clean up the mess.

Miranda is not exactly acting shady, but it is worth noting that her son is in prison because she put him there.  Was he planning to shoot up or bomb the school Miranda was sitting in front of in an earlier episode?  He will be getting parole soon and be reunited with his mom.  Get ready for some seriously awkward family dinners.

What in the hell was Alex doing in the year she went missing in India?  Sorry, but Alex has to be on the shady list for that.

Who can Alex Trust?

Even though her timing was a little too convenient in the first couple of episodes, I have come to think Miranda is someone Alex can trust.  She seems to genuinely care if Sita believes Alex is innocent and begs her to not go against her in public.  Miranda understands what it is like to have to publicly out a child as a terrorist.  But what in Alex does Miranda see that gives her the confidence to know Alex is not a terrorist?

Nimah (or Raina, whatever name she has to go by) wants to be something more than just someone’s daughter, sister, or wife.  She wanted to become an FBI agent to prove she could be of real value, her sister does not feel the same way and chooses to leave Quantico.  I would trust the twin who stayed, but can Alex trust the one who didn’t?  Does Alex know there were twins in training with her?

Elias is still on the trust list, but did he survive the training at Quantico?  His constant creeping on Simon makes me wonder if Elias makes it thru to the present.

Natalie has a daughter and her ex/baby daddy is keeping Natalie from her because she picked the FBI academy over staying with her family.  Not sure if this makes her trustworthy, but it is worth noting Natalie is pretty damn ruthless in wanting her career and understands sacrifice. But hey, why should she be punished by a man for wanting to do something more, men do it all the damn time.

Who is Guilty of What?

I think Liam gave Alex a tampered file of her father to make her feel guilty for killing Michael so she would run into the arms of Ryan.  Which of course she does while Liam creepily looks on.  The sorta conversation Liam and Sita had sounds like Liam and Michael did some not good things together and that is the reason why Sita did not tell her daughter her father was an FBI agent.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico Twitter feed

My guess on the twist is Simon was a full fledge agent when he went to Quantico like Ryan was.  I think he and Clayton were working together the entire time.  Simon is shady as hell, but what if he and Clayton knew someone going thru was a terrorist and Simon was sent in to act as eyes and ears for the director?  Or Clayton knew Liam and Ryan were running something involving Alex and Clayton wanted to keep an eye out?  Is Simon Asher his real name?

Simon probably knew all about the profiling test and went to Miranda to vote so he would be publicly disciplined earning the sympathy of his fellow trainees.  Possibly even setting up his own ousting from Quantico when the timing was right.

Is Ryan working with Clayton and Simon?  Or did he cluelessly give Alex Simon’s contact info in hopes that he could help her clear her name because he thinks she is being set up?  Does he love Alex, or is he playing her?

What did you guys think of last night’s episode of Quantico?  Is Simon someone Alex can trust or is he just a little too creepy?  Can Alex trust Ryan?  Who is Ryan really working for, Liam or Clayton?  Why do I have a feeling this all has to do with who Alex’s father was?  Let me know what you think and what your theories are in the comments section.

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