Agents of SHIELD – Blame the One-Armed Man

Spoilers for last night’s episode, “A Wanted (Inhu)Man.”

Quickie Recap:

The ATCU thought it would be a great idea to cause a panic by throwing Lincoln’s photo on every news station in the country with the caption of “Alien Threat.” They manage to corner Lincoln a couple of times, but they are painfully out of their depth when it comes to hunting what they do not understand. Then Rosalind strikes a deal to get Coulson to come and consult for them after the deal to take Lincoln in and not Daisy falls thru. Smells like supreme (and dangerous) desperation to me.

At least we get a little bit of Lincoln backstory. He used to be an alcoholic and has managed to make a lot of mistakes while drinking, but he manages to keep sober. He called his former sponsor for help when he was on the run so he can lay low for a bit and get some wheels to keep running. Unfortunately his sponsor sees the pictures and calls the hotline number. Lincoln tries to disarm is sponsor and ends up stopping his heart in the process. I think that sobriety may not last for too long.

Hunter joins a club we are not allowed to talk about to a foot in the Hydra door. May is sidelined for the most part, but she does get a little ass kicking in on the down low. Don’t need word getting up the ranks there is a tiny Asian woman taking down three guys without even mussing up her hair.

Simmons is overwhelmed trying to readjust to being back in our world. Noises and light are too much for her to handle all at once. Fitz does his best to be patient (and holds her hand a lot!) and tries to give her something the two of them had been looking forward to. He had kept the reservations he had made all those months ago when Simmons finally said yes to a dinner date. Poor Simmons is so overcome by the gesture and being home that she breaks down in the middle of the empty restaurant.

I may have teared up a little with her. In the ending teaser, Bobbie finds Simmons in the lab trying to find a way to re-open the portal. She has to go back!

Thoughts, Theories, and Questions:

I am in love with Rosaline’s car and I am going to name him. James? Luke? Jenson? All badass cars have to have a name and I’m thinking his name needs to be a very cool, British name (but not overly British). Anyone have any suggestions? Lola might have a new boyfriend if the new partnership works out.

Photo Coutesy of Constance Zimmer Twitter feed, ABC, and Agents of SHIELD

The subtitles for Hunter and his buddy Spud were really helpful. Thank you AOS for those, I don’t think I would have been able to understand them either.

May drops a major bomb that she didn’t leave Andrew! Did he leave her or are they still together and just not telling people?

More shirtless Hunter please!

I knew there was a little chemistry and a bit of a crush with Lincoln and Daisy, but it still felt like that kiss was a little out of left field. I don’t want Daisy to have a love story thing going on just yet. I want her to concentrate to becoming a badass first.

If Rosaline has a photo of Daisy from the hospital attack, why doesn’t she have a photo of Lash? Or is she trying to keep that one under her hat for now?

What is the ATCU really going to do with the Inhumans when they catch them? Are they just going to find a way to lock them up? Or are they going to recruit them and build a team like SHIELD? I really don’t like the ATCU meatheads, I am super happy Lincoln zapped him.

How adorable is the friendship between Daisy and Mack? I like that they are bonding even though they do not agree on a lot of things. I think it is healthy for the both of them. Good on Mack for not telling daddy that his daughter has the feels for a guy on the run.

Does Simmons want to go back because she is freaked out about being back or something else? I think she is trying to get the something that was hunting her over there here so she can take care of the mass spread of the Inhumans.

Lash comes back next week!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Do you have any cool names for Rosaline’s car? What are your theories as to why Simmons wants to go back? Let me know in the comments section!


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