AHS Hotel – Meet Mr. March

Spoilers for last night’s American Horror Story: Hotel.

Sorry guys this one is going to have to be a quick one. My computer decided to leave the land of the living so I have to write this one on my phone.

Last night’s episode was confusing and full of a lot of small details that didn’t seem to add to the story. It was more like an hour and a half setup for next week’s episode. We did learn some new details about John Lowe and the Hotel Cortez itself.

Detective Lowe investigated a case of a man who accidentally killed his kids and then took his own life. The case hit Lowe so hard (having two children of his own at that time) that he went on a two-day drinking bender. After he came home, he attempted to make it up to his family by taking them to the beach. This is when he lost his son. Now Lowe clings to his sobriety (for now) in order to keep from losing more of his family.

While at a fashion show new owner Will decides to throw in the hotel, The Countess sees a model named Tristan Duffy (Finn Wittrock) and starts to fall for him. Later that night, The Countess decides to turn him and make him her new toy. Poor Donavan is out on the street. He should have gone hunting with her instead of wanting to stay at home and binge on House of Cards.

Scarlett gets a strange tour of the hotel by the annoyingly named Lachlan where she sees her missing brother, Holden. She comes back the next day and takes a blurry photo of the two of them to show her parents. Lowe angry at the fact that his daughter was running around the hotel unsupervised threatens to arrest Iris. She decides to clue him into the hotel’s history so he can understand why there is so much weird going on.

The Hotel Cortez was built by a man named James Patrick March (Evan Peters). He loved killing people. He built the hotel specifically so he can hunt people down hallways with no exits and then hide the bodies when he was done. His maid, Ms. Evers, would help him clean up the messes when he was done because she for some reason loved him. Mr. March had a wife who either took part in the killings or was forced to watch depending on who you asked. I think the wife is The Countess in her early days. She would have only been 25 during that time and possibly not too long before she was infected with the vampirism virus. Eventually Mr. March got too sloppy and was caught. He killed Ms. Evers and himself before the police could bring him in. Room 64, Lowe’s room, was his office.

While wandering around the hotel looking for The Countess, Tristan meets Mr. March. Apparently he is still wandering around the hotel in spirit somewhere.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Sorry about the short post. Hopefully things will be working again soon.

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