Best lines from South Park “You’re not Yelping”

Due to computer malfunction, I had to hold off on this week’s South Park write up. I know all of you count on me to get the best lines from each episode to you and I am truly sorry I failed you all. I hope you can forgive me. I know that I am important voice here in the internet and you need my guidance to know what is funny. I will do better next time.

“You’re not Yelping” took big swings at those who think they are important because they constantly review restaurants on and other sites like it. Comparing them to Isis was a bit much. I kinda wonder if some of those swings were at bloggers like me who feel the need to review movies and TV shows for fun and also poking fun at TV shows who attempt to do what South Park does. Calling them out as poser critics on pop culture and current events.

There were not a lot of standout lines from this episode, but at least we got some great Cartman moments bullying a kid like no one else can.

Here are the few best lines from “You’re not Yelping:”

“You are not a food critic, Dennis! You are a f@%king mechanic! Now get the f@%k out!” – Whistling Willy

“I’m not from Mexico, dude, I’m from Idaho. I’m going to show this prick how we do things in Boise.” – David on his way to fight Cartman

And of course the constant variations of “How do you get to school? Do you ride your tiny bicicleta?” – Cartman

What did you think of “You’re not Yelping?” Do you know some Yelpers who are super self-important? Did the “Boogers and Cum” song at the end of the episode remind you of the movie Waiting? Let me know what you think and your favorite lines in the comments section.

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