Quantico – What is Liam’s end game?

Spoilers for last night’s episode “Kill”

Quickie Recap

In training, the NAT’s (why did it take me so long to realize this is what they are called?) are learning about hostage situations and how to react when under supreme amount of strain. Alex is already starting to crack under the pressure of knowing her father was some kind of FBI hero and she took his life. She compensates by telling everyone she is fine (we all know what fine really stands for) and overdoing it in training and yelling at Shelby for not telling her about the late night phone calls and emails.

Liam tells Ryan he is done with pretending to be a NAT after he convinces Alex that she needs to quit Quantico. Ryan starts to speculate whether Liam’s mission with Alex is on the books or not and wonders what in the hell is Liam’s plan.

After freezing up during a training hostage situation, Alex almost quits all on her own until Ryan takes her father’s file to Miranda. Even though Michael Parish had lots of commendations and good marks on his record, he was still a drunk who abused his power and Alex’s mother and the FBI did nothing about it. It felt like Miranda was hinting to Alex that she was given a tampered file (or is that just me thinking that Liam on purpose gave her an altered file because he knows that Alex shot Michael?).

Eventually Alex and Shelby make up. Shelby confesses to Alex that the person she is talking to is her half-sister she told the FBI she didn’t talk to. Shelby didn’t even know her sister existed until her parent’s death. And Shelby didn’t vote for Obama.

Ryan tells Liam that he is not playing whatever game he’s got going and that he should have spoken up during the Chicago disaster we still have yet to learn anything about. But Liam has the upper hand yet again. The higher ups think Ryan is retraining at Quantico an if he leaves or washes out of the program, he is out of the FBI. How very convenient of a plot twist to keep the hunky Ryan at Quantico with the other NATs.

In the present day, Simon had alerted Clayton that he was in contact with Alex and Clayton asked Simon to keep Alex busy so he could get a team there to bring her in. Turns out that Simon became a valuable commodity for Clayton during a different mission and the Deputy Director brought Simon back into the fold. When Clayton warned Simon that he had a team coming, Ryan figured out that Simon had been working against him all that time. After dueling text messages from Ryan and Clayton, Simon decides that he doesn’t want Alex to get caught just yet and gets her out of the safe house just in time.

He takes her to a Hasidic Jewish bomb maker to find out who made the detonator found in Alex’s apartment. The plastic was manufactured by Shelby’s company! Simon and Alex (in the worst disguise ever) rush to Shelby’s house in Manhattan to find evidence she is involved in the bombing and framing Alex.

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Turns out the two of them had a BIG falling out after Simon was kicked out of Quantico. Shelby had been traveling to Buenos Aires recently to either give herself an alibi or because she just happened to be traveling at the time. Shelby comes home and immediately tries to bring Alex in. She also outs Simon as working for Clayton to Alex, but it is okay now cause he kept Alex from getting arrested at the safe house. Shelby informs Alex that there was no way the bomb could have been detonated remotely, the person had to be within a two block radius.

Ryan busts in on the party to let them know the team is on its way. Alex takes Shelby hostage while Ryan and Simon go back to the FBI war room. Since Alex has taken more than one hostage and has evaded them for more than 24 hours, the FBI now has permission shoot Alex on site. This info should make Natalie super happy because now she doesn’t have to worry about Alex taking Ryan away from her.

Acting Shady

The top shady honors this week goes to Liam O’Connor! I know it is a big shocker considering Simon is still super creepy and we still have no idea what his deal is, but Liam takes the cake this week. He had to have given Alex an altered file on her father right? I can’t be the only one thinking this. He wanted to make Alex feel guilty for shooting her father so he made him seem like the best guy in the whole world. Then after she starts to feel the weight of her father’s death, Liam tells Ryan that she has been flagged as unfit for training. Who flagged her? Why wouldn’t Miranda or Liam just pull her into their office and tell her she is out? If Liam throws the top candidate in training out, there is going to be a lot of questions why, so he has to get her to quit. The big question is why doesn’t he want her around anymore?

Simon is still high on the creepy list. How does he know a Hasidic Jewish bomb maker? It is pretty telling when the guy wonders if Simon was involved with the bombing. When searching Shelby’s apartment, why didn’t Simon warn Alex that Shelby was getting out of the SUV he told her was out front? He was very calm watching the events play out in Shelby’s apartment. What did Simon do to earn the trust of Deputy Director Clayton? Who was Simon friending on Facebook while at Quantico?

I’m wondering if Shelby was telling Alex the truth about talking to her half-sister. If she is talking to her, then why is she keeping it a secret from the FBI? I think her sister is someone the FBI wouldn’t like talking to one of their recruits if that is even who she is talking to. Who are Shelby’s parents and what did they do? Why is Shelby staying at a bunch of hotels even though she has an apartment in the present day? Or is she putting someone up on those hotels so no one sees them come in and out of her house? Is Shelby running a multi-billion dollar company and working for the FBI? Did I miss something? How can she do both?

Why was Ryan at Alex’s apartment that morning? He told Natalie that it was to clear the air because the two of them are together and that took Alex by surprise. I don’t think he is telling Natalie the whole truth. Who shot Ryan? During the hostage exercise in Quantico, Ryan was shot in the same shoulder with a paintball gun. He told Alex that is a wound he could live through. I know he should be on the trust list because he knows Alex is innocent and is trying to help her, but there are way too many unanswered questions about him. Like what did he keep quiet about in Chicago? Why is he with Natalie when he is clearly still in love with Alex?

Who can Alex Trust?

Miranda confessed to Nimah her son was recruited by a group of guys who tapped into his rage and he made a plan to shoot up a school to impress them. The reason why Miranda recruited Nimah and Raina is so they could go and find those men who are still recruiting other kids to try and do the same thing. I still don’t understand why she needs the two of them to pretend to be the same person, but I think she is sincere in brining those people down. She managed to convince Nimah to comeback to Quantico. She is also smart enough to bug Liam’s office. Miranda kinda turned into my favorite person in this episode.

I think Nimah and Raina are on the trustworthy list, but where are they in the present time? And did Simon make a move on one of them outing himself as actually straight?

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Elias is still poking around Simon, but he does the bonehead thing of telling Simon all of his suspicions. This would keep him on the trust list, but we do get an update about him in the present time. He either washed out of Quantico or left because he became a criminal lawyer defending several persons of interest to the FBI and getting them acquitted. Sounds like he is not so trustworthy anymore or he will be a big use later if Alex gets caught. For right now he stays on the trust list only because the list is so small right now.

Who is Guilty of What?

Liam of too many things to list here.

Simon of too many things to list here.

I think Shelby is not telling the truth about her late night calls, emails, and money transfers. I don’t think she is talking to a half-sister.

Natalie could have been on the trust list if she would just get over Ryan and Alex’s past relationship. She holds so many biases that seem like that would make her a bad agent. She can’t see past her own nose to see the truth.

I think Caleb is playing the fool, but why? He is a good analyst so far and he probably could have been a good agent. Where is he in the present time?

Hopefully more answers will come to light next week.

What did you guys think of last night episode? Who do you think Shelby is really talking to? What caused Alex and Ryan to break up? Any theories so far as to who is framing Alex? Let me know in the comments section.

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