Still geeking out over the Star Wars Trailer!

I honestly have lost track of how many times I have watched the trailer over the last several hours. The wait was totally worth it!

Take a look at the trailer after the jump:

In the first full trailer, we get a chance to see more of what our new characters are about. I know some information was revealed about them at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year, but it is still nice to see them in action.

Rey strikes me as the newer version of Luke Skywalker. She is a scavenger that no one pays attention to, but is looking to have more in her life judging by the look she gave the ship launching in the distance.

Finn is a Stormtrooper who no longer wants to fight for the Empire’s cause. It looks as if he has crashed landed near where Rey is in Jakku and the two of them form a quick bond in a moment of survival. Somewhere in the they both meet Poe Dameron.

Kilo Ren is a Sith Lord or training to be one and is looking to take up Darth Vadar’s mantel. I got big time chills when he said, “I will finish what you started.” The trailer then cuts to Ren torturing Poe Dameron. I wonder if that is how Rey and Finn meet him, they end up rescuing Poe from Kilo Ren.

Judging by how Han talks to Rey and Finn, I think that Rey and Finn end up finding Han while looking for answers or shelter from a fight. Or it is entirely possible Han was looking for them considering they are both going to become Jedi’s in training. I wonder why the events of the original trilogy are just considered stories. Is it because they are out in the middle of nowhere and the war between the Rebels and the Empire don’t matter to them? Or is it because the new Empire we have been seeing images of has stamped out any truth as to how the two Death Stars and the former Emperor were taken out?

There are lots of quick looks at action and I love the shot of Leia hugging Han. Captain Phasma looks so freaking cool! We get the same shot of a metal hand on R2-D2 and I think the Luke reveal is going to be saved for the final trailer or for the movie. I know there are test images of him running around the internet, but it is not the same as seeing him in the movie.

“The Force is calling you. Just let it in.” I get the chills just typing out that line. Holy crap what a great way to end the trailer with that line!

Please tell me you are all still geeking out over Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer! What did you think? Was it worth the wait? Did you sit thru half a football game just to make sure you didn’t miss it like I did? Let me know in the comments section.

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