Agents of SHIELD – (SPOILER) better not be dead cause I really like him

Don’t read on if you haven’t seen “Devils You Know”

Quickie Summary:

After Lash attacked and killed 2 and a third Inhumans (not newly made ones either), Coulson decided to bring in the ATCU. More sexy, awesome banter between Coulson and Rosalind which is quickly becoming my favorite part of the show. Daisy is none too thrilled about her new possible mommy to be, she is worried that Coulson could be seduced into drinking the ATCU kool-aid if they keep the partnership going.

Daisy ends up tracking down an email virus several of the Inhumans received which allowed Lash to hunt down anyone who opens it. She also tracked down the person sending the email. A government IT guy by the name of Dwight who is a newly made Inhuman working with Lash to track down the other newly made Inhumans. Lash gave Dwight the names and Dwight gets an email address, sends the email, and Lash does his thing. When the ATCU starts to cart off Dwight, Coulson talks Rosalind into taking Daisy and Mack along with him to see their facility. It is only fair since he called them in to help track Dwight. The main ATCU meathead suspiciously went ahead of the truck carrying Dwight, Daisy, and Mack, which coincidentally is driving in circles. Before Daisy and Mack can make a big fuss about it, Lash attacks the truck and kills Dwight. While hovering in and out of consciousness, Daisy sees in shadow Lash shapeshifting into a human!

Bobbie is still rehabbing and is not happy about it.

Jemma gets some therapy from Andrew about her time in the other world. She keeps telling him that she is fine other than her senses are off and she refuses to give specifics as to how she survived. She does cryptically tell him that it is not over for her and that she gave up hope of living when she was there. Fitz finds her work on reopening the portal and she asks him for help. We get to hear her story next week!!!

Hunter’s mission to take down Ward goes sideways really fast when he get taken to see the big man in charge and a shootout starts. May jumps into the fire fight and Coulson is on his way, but Ward is a sneaky bastard and shows May video of Von Junior Hydra and another Hydra goon on Andrew while at he is at a convenience store. If they don’t lay down their weapons, Andrew is dead. Hunter is too focused on taking Ward out and does not listen to May when she asks him to retreat. Hunter goes at him guns blazing and manages to shoot Ward in the shoulder before Ward escapes out a window. Cut the convenience store and lots of blood on the ground with a shot of a man’s shoes, gasoline pouring out of a container and a lighter, all before it goes up in flames. Strucker Jr. manages to escape from the store just before it explodes.

Thoughts, Theories, and Questions:

I know I said it last week, but I really love the pairing of Daisy and Mack. The fact that she was giving him shit about going first while tracking Lash was just adorable. More of them together please!

Photo Courtesy of Agents of SHIELD and ABC

Photo Courtesy of Agents of SHIELD and ABC

And more banter between Rosalind and Coulson. And I want to see the Laser Finger!!

I think when Jemma said that it is not over for her, I’m sure she means the trauma, but I also think she is saying that something is coming. I think that is why she wants to open the door, she either wants to stop it, or help it.

The main ATCU meathead (I think his name is Banks) is more shady than Rosalind. For some reason I just don’t like the guy.

Ward wanting to be called Director of Hydra and having levels makes me want to facepalm. I find it interesting that during the showdown, Ward had a big look of fear on his face when he realized that May showed up to help Hunter.

Even though he went about it the wrong way, I think it is adorable that Hunter wants to make sure Ward is dead before Bobbie is back in action so she won’t run into him in the field. And that he calls May “Mum.”

Getting to Andrew, I don’t think he is dead and I know you guys don’t either. They never show his face and we all know that if you do not see the full body, then they are not dead. Plus Strucker Jr. look terrified when he was running out of the store, not happy that he just got to kill a guy. I don’t think they killed Andrew because he could be too valuable to Ward’s cause, but there is another theory which is much better than mine.

Someone else proposed on a different site that Andrew is Lash and it makes sense. He all of a sudden broke up with May telling her that it is about something he has to deal with. Andrew would also know the names of the Inhumans SHIELD tried to track down after they turn. He did talk to Alisha (the Inhuman trying to save her friends Lash ended up killing) and would have gotten the names of her friends from her to give to Dwight. It would also make sense as to why Lash didn’t kill Daisy when he went after Dwight. The big question is why would Andrew want to kill all of the Inhumans? Lash told Dwight that he was doing what was necessary, but why does he feel that way? Is it a balance thing?

What did you think of last night’s Agents of SHIELD? Do you think Andrew is dead? Who do you think Lash is? Why do you think Jemma wants to go back to the other world so bad? Do you think May is going to kill Hunter? Let me know in the comments section.

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