AHS Hotel – Motherhood is a B%@ch

Spoilers for “Mommy”

Obviously last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was all about mothers and the head screw it is to raise a child. Let’s take a look at our three mothers.

Iris hovered over Donovan growing up and kept him isolated from his father and possible other friends. She dragged him around to whatever new thing she needed to be a part of to feel special, much to the detriment of Donavan’s wellbeing. When he got older, he turned to drugs and alcohol to escape her. He did manage to try to get clean once, but after an AA meeting when he told his story and talked about his relationship with his mother, other addicts validated his use. When he met Sally, he was looking to end his pain permanently. Iris couldn’t let him go, so she allowed The Countess to turn him and work at the hotel just so she could continue to take care of him. Now that he is out on his ass, she continues to try to smother him with the idea of getting an apartment together. Donavan has had enough and lays into Iris, telling her that he would rather live in the streets with the junkies than live with her. He tells her she could die for all he cared essentially. Iris, with nothing to live for, goes to Sally for help to end her pain (“Don’t haunt my halls, bitch” is a great line). Donavan throws himself a big pity party after realizing he has no one to stay with and can’t get a job because he has a 20 year gap in his resume. Liz chews him out royally and makes Donavan feel guilty for turning his back on his mother. She is the only person he has in the world, like it or not, but he is not in time to save her from Sally. Donavan does the only thing he knows to do, he opens a vain and turns Iris which could be very dangerous considering The Countess’s story of motherhood.

Even though she takes them mostly as her lovers, The Countess is the mother like figure to those she turns. She gives them life, raises them in her image, and demands that they only love her. But eventually she gets bored and moves on to her next child. The one thing her children cannot do is make their own children. Ramona Royale (Angela Basset finally making her appearance on the show) was a badass actress back in the 70’s trying to make it big when she met and was turned by The Countess. After a couple of decades together, Ramona met and fell in love with a rapper. She left The Countess and turned her rapper love. The Countess could not have her children doing what only she does and she slaughtered his whole crew and him. Ramona, looking for revenge, kidnaps Donavan to get inside The Countesses world. Unfortunately for her The Countess found a new toy and dumped Donavan.

Alex Lowe never wanted to be a mother because she had a messed up childhood. She chose to become a pediatrician in order to guilt parents for not vaccinating help children and maybe even save a few from the kind of life she had. When she had Holden, her perspective on life and motherhood changed and smelling his head was like running thru a field of lavender. She bonded with him more so than her husband or her daughter. Losing Holden was like losing the childhood she wish she could have had. Holden was her chance to give a good life to someone and losing that chance cost her any reason of trying to keep up appearances. Alex attempted to take her own life, but she was saved by John. Even after therapy, she still has trouble bonding with her daughter, Scarlett, or her husband. It doesn’t help that Scarlett keeps telling stories of seeing Holden in the Hotel Cortez and that he smells of lavender. She thinks Scarlet is telling these stories because her and John stay together and haven’t been able to move on from losing Holden. Alex goes to the Hotel Cortez to serve John with papers, but ends up meeting Holden in the hallways.

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In other plot developments, The Countess wants to seduce Will so he will marry her. The fact that he is gay does not deter her. She lost all of her money in the Bernie Madoff pyramid scheme and if she becomes the wife of super wealthy Will and he all of a sudden dies, then she is rich again.

Tristan wants to get to know Mr. March better, so he stalks his room to talk about killing. Googling someone does sound like an obscene act when you think about it.

The junkie Sally sewed into the mattress back in episode one, Gabriel, pops out of his resting place and accidentally kills Will’s assistant, Claudia. He confesses the killing to John because he thought he was killing Sally. A blood covered Claudia will be roaming the halls. John goes to arrest Sally and she attempts to seduce him to get out of it. When he doesn’t completely go for it (he was pretty damn close) she ends up pulling a disappearing act causing John to start to question his sanity.

The Ten Commandments killer strikes again and this time he takes out the staff of a gossip site because they sell lies (Thou shall not bare false witness). How many kills is that now? I kinda lost track.

What did you think of last night’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel? Do you think Donavan is going to get in a lot of trouble for turning Iris? How do you think Iris is going to be as a vampire? How do you think Alex is going to react to her son being a vampire? Is Ryan Murphy attempting to be a PSA for vaccinating your kid? Let me know in the comments section. Can I just say, I love the music in this show!

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