Best Lines from South Park “Safe Space”

Who needs reality when we can have a safe space away from those who shame us. In an episode where they actually kill reality, this week’s South Park had some great lines and pulled no punches. Here are the best lines from “Safe Space.”

-Butters after getting the job sorting through thru Cartman’s social media accounts to edit out any negativity
“It’s a pretty brutal job sifting thru all that darkness.”

-Kyle after Cartman shows him how stoked everyone is on his dick pic
“There are more than two people on the internet.”

-Wholefoods cashier to Randy
“Your change is right there. Just pull the sandwich out of the little girl’s mouth.”

“If you could just press the little ‘no’ button, then tell the little hamster he is not going to college? Just look him right in the eye, sir, and say ‘not today, buddy’.”

-Randy to the Wholefoods cashier while being flanked by Vin Diesel and Steven Segal
“It would be a really bad idea to charity shame me today. These guys are here to protect my safe space.”

-Safe Space song sung by Cartman, Demi Lovato, Vin Diesel, Steven Segal, Randy, P.C. Principal, and the plus sized models
“You can’t ruin our lives, Reality. Our safe space will keep you out! We can face almost anything, but Reality we can do without.”

Photo Courtesy of South Park and Comedy Central

Photo Courtesy of South Park and Comedy Central

-Reality at the charity event for Shameless America
“What a lovely charity event, I’m sure you feel pretty good about yourselves, hmmm. What have you done? You’ve raised 300 dollars by spending half a million on filet mignon and crystal glasses.”

-The Safe Space PSAs in the middle of a poverty struck city
“This is a place where hope is scarce. These people are hungry. Little Jo-Jo here may not eat today. But does that mean it’s okay for cashiers to ask us for money while we are in the checkout line? It isn’t right and it isn’t fair. Just 2 dollars a day adds up to 64 goddamn dollars a month if you go to Wholefoods as much as I do. Nobody should have to feel the shame, the humiliation of being asked to add money to their grocery bill.” – Randy

“Look around you, what do you see? People who are slim, skinny, but not everyone can have nice bodies like them.” Demi Lovato while gesturing to the starving people in the PSA

“With iPads, these people can finally help Americans get rid of negativity in their social media.” – Randy in the final PSA to raise money for the poor people to have iPads to do Butter’s job.

“Because charity shaming hurts everyone.” – Little starving children at the end of the PSA

What did you think of last night’s episode of South Park? I don’t know if this was done on purpose, but the episode did air on Kim Kardashian West’s birthday. Were there any lines I missed? Let me know in the comments section.

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