We Will All Know Jessica Jones Soon Enough

The final and full trailer for Jessica Jones dropped this morning and I couldn’t be more excited for this show especially now that I have done some of my research on the characters. Like most everyone else (including other superheroes) I never knew much about Jessica Jones. I think a lot of people are going to be familiar with this character after the premier of the show. Krysten Ritter is perfect for this role.

The song in the back ground of the trailer and many of the teasers is “Thousand Eyes” by Of Monsters and Men and they lyrics are perfect for this character.

The first images (outside of the city shots) we see is actually the first images from Alias, the comic book series about Jessica and her becoming a private eye. She is throwing a man thru the window of her office.

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We get to meet Luke Cage in his bar and it quickly establishes that she is a private eye and loves her booze. Luke sees her using her powers and wants to know more about her. Jessica gives him a brief rundown that she has super strength and can kinda fly or at least jump really high. I find it interesting that we don’t hear him talking about his powers. I wonder if that is something he confesses to her immediately or if he keeps that to himself until he has to reveal them.

Luke tells her that being a hero makes you a target. Is this a reference to some of the events being built up in Agents of SHIELD and Civil War? (Most likely)

Jessica tells Luke that she has “been there, done that” making a reference to her time as a superhero (I wonder if we are going to see that in flashback) and that things ended very badly for her.

Jessica makes a reference to someone who has mind control (Kilgrave, also known as The Purple Man) and we get images of him messing with her brain while she is on the subway. “You have no idea what I have done” she tells someone (possibly Luke) and we see her digging in the dirt and blood on her hands. (SPOILER FOR THE COMICS AND POSSIBLY FOR THE SHOW) Kilgrave kidnaps Jessica Jones (known as the superhero Jewel at that time) and he repeatedly abused her, made her fall in love with him, and then made her hurt a bunch a people and kill one person. When she escaped, she left the world of superheroes and became a private detective. I don’t know if the show is going to go as dark as Jessica killing someone and how deep they will go into the abuse Kilgrave inflicted on her, but they may get pretty close.

There is a quick introduction of Trish “Patsy” Walker who is Jessica’s best friend telling her Kilgrave is not there anymore messing with her, but Jessica essentially what he did to her is still in her head alluding to the PTSD she suffers.

Finally we get a somewhat look at David Tennant as Kilgrave and him using his powers to manipulate someone into letting him in his house. We also get to meet Hope, who is more than likely another person Kilgrave kidnaped and tortured like he did Jessica. I wonder if he did it to get at Jessica or if she was just another victim because he likes hurting people.

“I’m the only one who matches you, and we are inevitable.” Kilgrave continuing to mess with Jessica and reminding her that she loved him and did bad things for him. He could be doing this to her because she escaped him and he wants her back to keep hurting her. At the end of the trailer we see Kilgrave yelling Jessica’s name and we hear his voice telling her “come on, Jessica. Don’t play the hero with me,” again reminding her she is not innocent and heroic, she has blood on her hands.

Before we get to the end of the trailer, we do see glimpses of Jeri Hogarth, played by Carrie-Ann Moss and a possible look at Will Simpson. Both people are allies of Jessica and have helped her when she was in need.

Jessica Jones is not going to be like Daredevil. Matt Murdock wants to fight crime and make the city he lives in a better place for everyone. Jessica is in the same area as Matt in New York, but she just wants to keep the lights on in her apartment and still have enough money left over for booze. She is not looking to make a big difference, she tried that once and it ended very, very badly. The reappearance of Kilgrave will most likely push her into trying to do better, but she is not going to be at Matt Murdock levels of fighting crime anytime soon. That will be saved for The Defenders coming in the next few years.

Are you excited for Jessica Jones? Is it really weird to see David Tennant in this kind of role? I have been re-watching Doctor Who on Netflix and I am currently on his seasons and it weirds me out a little to see him as Kilgrave. Let me know what you think of the trailer in the comments section. Jessica Jones 13 episode season one premieres on November 20 on Netflix, just in time for a post turkey binge watching session.

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