Quantico – Manipulation Junction, What’s Your Dysfunction

Spoilers for last night’s episode “Found”

Quickie Recap

While at Quantico, the NATs learn how to go undercover and everyone looks just a little too excited for this exercise. I would too because pretending to be someone else is really fun. After crafting cool new personas that were passed on to someone else, the NATs were released into the wild.

Of course when you have an overnight mission that involves getting people drunk enough to talk to you and do your bidding, there is going to be some sexy times. Ryan and Alex used their fake personas to finally give into the setting-room-on-fire chemistry and it was so very hot. Unfortunately Shelby is an idiot and went for the superdouche Caleb because apparently they are still in 5th grade and bullying a girl is how you show her you like her. I know she is a fake person, but seriously she makes women look bad and I don’t like her so much.

Nimah and Raina have to switch off every hour to practice how to relay info quickly and end up winning the game of meet the person in charge. Raina gives permission to Nimah to pursue Simon which is strange because everyone who is not Elias still assumes Simon is gay. Am I wrong? Does everyone else still think Simon is gay?

Miranda’s son is now on parole.

In current times, Alex is all over the news as a terror suspect. Nice shade ABC is throwing at Fox News with the 20th Century News Network. The “Terror Babe” headlines are right on the nose cause you know the news outlets will focus heavily on her looks and not her motives to sell the story. Was Alex a model before she came to Quantico?

After Ryan and Simon tell her the FBI has a shoot on sight order for her, Alex gets on the dark net and contacts The Unknown, a hacker group whose mission we still don’t know about yet. Are they Social Justice Warriors (the real kind, not the social media kind)? Are they all about getting the real news out there and not the spoon fed narrative the corporations want us to read so we will buy more stuff?

Anyways, they meet Alex and question her about her friends she made in Mumbai and Pakistan before she came back to the states. Ten of them have been killed, three of them were by drone strikes. One of them is a man named Amir Salam and he was supposedly responsible for a nightclub bombing. Alex didn’t think any of those people were terrorists, but they were easy to blame due to religion and race. They finally broadcast her to the internet and Alex drops the race card, she was set up because it is easy to frame the brown girl. That was super smart to change the narrative of what people are saying about her, but I don’t think she believes that is true. Alex makes a big plea for people to believe she is innocent and then she gets us with that beautiful cry of hers. Man, I wish I could master the art of beautiful crying. No wonder Shelby is now on Team Alex, who wouldn’t want to believe that face when she just lets one tear stream down like that.

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Photo Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

The FBI lock on to The Unknown’s broadcast signal and end up outside of a mosque. Again, Alex is playing the race card brilliantly because the last thing the FBI needs is the PR nightmare that will accompany them if the agents were to go busting in there with guns out looking for a terror suspect. To make things even better (or worse for the FBI), a service is letting out and a large crowed of men and women wearing the hijab and niqab are pouring out of the mosque. The look of awe for Alex on Simon’s face was great.

The Unknown set Alex up with a new ID, an untraceable phone, and a promise to help with whatever she needs. But there was an ominous moment when the guy tells her that they may need her at some point too. I think her alliance with The Unknown is going to come back and haunt her at some point.

Acting Shady

Normally the top spot is reserved for Liam and Simon to duke it out for, but this week the Shadiest Award goes to Caleb. While at Quantico, he has been sneaking on to the shooting range (analysts in training don’t get to participate in the reindeer games) as a way to have something to do with his hands since there is no Xbox around. Even though plenty of NATs see him do this, when he gets caught and reprimanded, he blames Shelby for ratting him out. I think he ratted himself out so that way he would have an excuse to mess with Shelby about something. Also why is he emailing someone under the name Mark Raymond and who is he going to go and interview with? I think he is spying on Shelby’s company, which is why he would single her out, but why? For the kicker as to why he holds the top shady spot is he was a part of the perimeter team when Grand Central was bombed!! Why is an analyst doing perimeter detail? Why is he in New York?

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Image Courtesy of ABC and Quantico

Simon gets the number two spot for super shady. I have a theory that he befriended Max so he could get him to come and meet everyone at some point so Elias would corner Max to get info. The whole play undercover game just fell at a good time for Max to come and meet Simon. He knew Max would tell Elias the truth about just meeting him and Simon taking their picture together (IN FRONT OF GRAND CENTRAL OF ALL PLACES!!!). Simon also knew that Elias would call him out on pretending to be gay and threaten to tell Miranda that he is lying about being gay and would ask “what else is he lying about.” Simon confesses to Elias that he did bad things that still haunt him while he was in Gaza and that crafting a persona to hide behind is his way of coping. He doesn’t even like guys or coffee and the glasses are fake. I think Simon did bad things in Gaza and they might get to him, but that is not the reason why he is playing with this fake persona. He set Max and Elias up so Elias would confront him so Simon would get a chance to tell Elias this heart-strings tugging story so he would stop stalking Simon and try to figure out his secrets.

Liam is still playing a game here, but he does tell Miranda that Alex has something on all the people at Quantico and that is why he is running an op on her. What in the hell would Alex know about all of them that makes both Liam and Miranda worry about her?

Who can Alex Trust?

We may not know who or what The Unknown are just yet, but they seem to be pretty good with the whole computers thing and they believe Alex is not the person who bombed Grand Central Station.

Despite their issues with one another, Shelby is now working with Ryan and Simon to keep her safe from the FBI.

Who is Guilty of What?

I know I said it earlier, but Shelby is guilty of being the dumbest woman on the planet.

Alex said that she was framed because of her race, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to frame Nimah? All of this supposedly started while they were at Quantico and Nimah would have been the easier candidate to frame as a terrorist. She fits the profile more easily than Alex does. That is why I think Alex was picked because of her father. I think all of this is going to circle back to her dad and Liam even though I don’t think Liam is the person framing Alex.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode of Quantico? Are you relieved that Alex and Ryan finally gave in and had some sexy times together? Do you kinda hate Shelby too for going after the worst guy? Do you think Simon manipulated Elias? Or do you think he was being sincere? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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